A 13-year-old boy, hero at almost 1,300 kilometers and by TikTok

An accident and a direct from TikTok they have joined by Trent Jarrett and Caden Cotnoir forever. Two boys aged 12 and 13, respectively, separated by 800 miles (12,874 kilometers) and both residents of the United States. According to People magazine, which has collected his story and testimonies given to other media, the first suffered a motorcycle accident and the second became her savior in the distance.

The 13-year-old boy witnessed & # xf3;  the live accident of another kid and sounded the alarm. The 13-year-old boy witnessed & # xf3;  the live accident of another kid and sounded the alarm.

The 13-year-old boy witnessed the accident live by another boy and raised the alarm.

Everything happened during a live broadcast of Trent through the aforementioned social network. He was doing a tour on his AVT motorcycle when something happened and he flipped. He was in Virginia, where he resides with his family. At the time of the accident Caden, who shares some hobbies with him such as hunting, fishing and motorcycles and that is why he follows him, was watching his broadcast and realized that something was wrong from New Hampshire.

“Suddenly, his phone went blank, you could see a little light and hear him yelling for help“Cotnoir told the WMUR chain. At first he did not understand very well what was happening or what he was hearing, until he realized that what the other boy was shouting were numbers.

“I was yelling the phone number of my grandparents’ house”, has clarified Jarrett, who at that moment of nerves, fear and pain could only remember that phone number. Cotnoir finally understood it and marked the alerting the family of what was happening with their grandson. The grandparents contacted Jarrett’s parents and came quickly to their aid. It was 20 minutes of tension until they reached their son, who was found under the vehicle.

Luckily, according to themselves they have counted, only suffered some cuts and bruises. After the scare and very grateful for the help received hundreds of kilometers by Cotnoir, the children had a meeting via Zoom in which they met. “I would just like to thank you for all that you have done,” said Jarrett.

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Matt Currier, stepfather of the little hero, has been very proud of his performance. “He did what he was supposed to do, he found the right people and it worked. It was an Easter miracle, ”commented the chief of the Gilmanton Police Department in New Hampshire.

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