A 12-year-old boy would have committed suicide and his 13-year-old cousin died of shock when she saw the body

MEXICO – The death of two minors mourned the municipality of Zongolica, in the state of Veracruz, lThe first, 12, apparently committed suicide and the second, 13, would have died of shock when he saw the body of his cousin hanging from a rope.

According to the first reports, the 12-year-old minor, identified as Lidia “N”, allegedly took her own life by hanging from a rope, although the reasons that led the teenager to make that decision are unknown, according to what was published by the site Proceso.

Minors found dead in Zongolica

While the minor under 13 years old, Lidia’s cousin and identified as Magaly “N” would have discovered the body of her relative when she went to look for her at her home and suffered a fatal heart attack upon seeing Lidia’s body hanged, according to information from municipal authorities.

The events took place in the Loma Grande neighborhood, located in the Veracruz municipality of Zongolica.

The relatives of the minors upon realizing the facts they asked in support of their neighbors to transfer them to a hospital.

Relatives sought help from neighbors and doctors

On the way they met Municipal Civil Protection paramedicsHe, who immediately helped them, but when they checked the minors, they only confirmed that they were dead.

Therefore, the events were reported to the authorities and some time later elements of the Expert Services of Veracruz arrived at the Ixtapaluca town, in the municipality of Zongolica to carry out the lifting of the bodies of the two minors.

The bodies of Lidia and Magaly were transferred to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo), to perform the required autopsy.

No coroner in Zongolica

The relatives denounced that the delivery of the bodies was delayed, due to the fact that there is no forensic doctor in Semefo de Zongolica, the municipality where the tragedy occurred and thenecropsies are carried out in the city of Orizaba.

That is why relatives of Lidia and Magaly demanded that the State Directorate of Expert Services and the same Governor Cuitláhuac García send the necessary personnel to the Semefo de Zongolica.

They do not know the reasons that would lead Lidia to take her own life

So far it is unknown what were the reasons why Lidia “N” committed suicide.

The family has not specified if the minor suffered from depression or if she suffered from an emotional problem.

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