NEW JERSEY – The story of Josefa de los Santos, a
102-year-old granny, is a story of hope and that comforts many
people during the coronavirus pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives in
our area.

And it is that Josefa, a granny resident of West New York in New Jersey, managed, like a champion, to overcome her fight against the coronavirus and recover to return with her family.

“I have overcome the virus with the attention of my family,” says Josefa de los Santos, who, although still weak due to the disease, can now be with her loved ones and share her story of courage.

The grandmother, who also defeated the Spanish Flu, left the hospital four days ago and remained for 6 days under strict medical care. Now her family celebrates that she returned home to fill them with joy.

a 102-year-old woman has overcome all barriers, ”said her daughter Damaris.

a miracle to see her return home and beat COVID-19, “said her granddaughter Madelyn
Tejada. “It is our engine, it is a pillar for us,” added his other granddaughter,
Nilsa García.

And it is that for them faith moves mountains. “Thank God
that she was able to overcome that and the only thing I ask of everyone is to cooperate,
God is great, it is the best medicine, ”said his other grandson, José García.

According to the pneumonia that Josefa had, it is no longer a problem, however, she is still in the process of recovery and her energy is not the same, but her loved ones are optimistic that with a good diet they will be able to completely recover.

Just a few weeks ago she was full of energy; and on his 102nd birthday, on April 20, he celebrated by complying with the physical distance measures. And now, with a little less energy, he’s also getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day Josefa!