98% of FCC shareholders choose to collect the dividend in new shares

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The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) has reported that 98.18% of the shareholders of Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC) have decided to receive new shares in the company. The decision comes after Collection of the 0.4 euro dividend paid in cash by the firm on July 22.

Following the acquisition of new shares, the final number of Ordinary securities with a nominal unit value of 1 euro amount to 16 million of titles, whose value oscillates in the 160 million euros.

The theoretical value of each free allocation right that shareholders will receive will be 0.384 euros. Result obtained after dividing its price by 25 shares, which will be the formula for the exchange of securities.

Dividend payment

FCC distributed the 0.4 euros per share to 1.82% of the shareholders who opted for this payment alternative on July 22. For its part, it will be the next July 30 when the new shares begin to be traded resulting from the execution of the flexible dividend.

This dividend is in line with the payments that the firm usually makes each year between the months of May and June, reverting to the formula of the ‘scrip dividend’, increasingly in use in large Ibex 35 companies. This formula allows shareholders the option of receiving the collection of the dividend through payment in cash or in the form of new company shares.

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