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The Minister of Labor and third vice president, Yolanda Díaz, during her intervention in the control session to the Executive this Wednesday in Congress, the first after the end of the state of alarm (Photo: EFE)

The third vice president and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, has starred in a moment in the control session of the Government this Wednesday that is not ceasing to be shared.

Díaz has reminded the PP, and more specifically Teodoro García Egea, “the black Fridays” of the Mariano Rajoy government with “cuts in pensions, with evictions and much suffering and pain” and has insisted that the coalition government not he is going to be distracted.

García Egea has asked the minister if she believes that the electoral results in Madrid support her political program in the Ministry of Labor and has indicated that the coalition Executive suffers “so much wear and tear because it governs against the people”, since the sorpasso of Más Madrid to the PSOE in the Community of Madrid.

The third vice president has responded that the only historical moment is the one that occurred when the unemployment rate reached 27% with the Executive of the PP, which destroyed 3.6 million jobs. Díaz has reiterated that today there are only 200,000 jobs to be created so that Social Security affiliation is at the levels before the pandemic while criticizing that Madrid does not have Budgets yet after 28 months.

A moment that the minister herself has shared and that has almost 9,000 likes in just over 5 hours, more than 3,000 shares and almost 100,000 reproductions.


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