9 tips and tricks for safe motorcycle riding

The motorcycle, the most authentic way to move from point A to B, fast, economical … look for the reason you want. I would like to share with you some tips that have served me throughout my life as a biker. I hope some will help you and if you consider it, share your tips and tricks in the comments.

Defensive driving, let yourself be seen, take care of your equipment and motorcycle some of the tips

1. You are part of the chassis: defensive driving

First of all we have to be aware that you are part of the motorcycle’s chassis, with the obvious differences between a simple steel cradle and your right clavicle. This is important because on the road, especially on a daily basis when there is more traffic, you must drive defensively and have empathy. You have to understand that the bike is a very agile and fast vehicle and drivers of other vehicles may not see you. Do not be angry with them if they close you in a curve, maybe you were not foresighted enough, maybe you got too fast and crossing three lanes, getting between cars …

Defend yourself and understand that the detour from Bailén to Calle Mayor is not the last corner of the Montmeló circuit.

Limit Moto A2 Kawasaki Z900 2021Kawasaki Z900.

2. Let yourself be seen as much as you can

On the motorcycle it is important not to doubt, if you stay behind or overtake, you decide, you execute it and you respect it. But being between two decisions is always detrimental. Especially between daily, with traffic, use striking elements in your clothing, if you wish you will be elegant to go for an aperitif on the weekend. Another failure of some bikers is to put themselves in the blind spots of the rear view mirrors, think like a car driver, you know that there are blind spots in which they will not see you, try not to stick to the rear peak of the car, at least put yourself by the door, record it, being seen is important for your safety.

Ducati Monster 2021 Plus88 motorcycleDucati Monster 2021.

3. Beware of traffic lights

Important, as good bikers, almost all of us put ourselves in pole position at traffic lights in cities. You already know that there are tricks to make your reaction time better than Angel Nieto himself (sorry, I’m from the old school). You see the traffic light on the right turn amber and yours will soon be green. Well, wait a few seconds, count to 3, when your traffic light turns green. There are times when city drivers leave so fast that there are run-ins because a car has jumped the amber traffic light (almost red). You don’t have to prove anything, the competition in an urban biker is one of resistance and length.

It is not advisable to leave the traffic lights as if you were in a Moto GP race

Moto Yamaha Mt07 2021 BlockYamaha MT-07.

4. Take care of your mount

Another important thing that you cannot neglect. With a car, you can get to the witness of the wheels that indicate that it is time to change, with the motorcycle, do not play it. The better the wheels, brakes and general maintenance, the better for your safety. You can do a lot of this maintenance, these simple things are: check brake pads, that the tire is at the correct pressure, have the chain greased and tight, check the lights periodically, place a catadrioptic, if you have a bull’s eye, look the oil level.

Moto 2021 Yamaha Yzf R125 Eu Icon Blue Action E1606168745583Yamaha YZF R125.

5. Take care of your equipment

Sometimes we neglect how we ride on the motorcycle, shorts, we forgot our gloves … If you are hot this summer, leave the motorcycle at home, but be properly equipped. If you have to buy good equipment, make sure it is good and comfortable. The difference between a good helmet and a bad one is brutal, for those of the maxitrail, we know how cool it is to go with your helmet with an Enduro visor and goggles with roll off, but the ostias in the field, hurt less than on the road. Don’t forget to clean the helmet screen when you go out. A little bit of cristasol, if you have squashed mosquitoes, you can leave a damp cloth for a few minutes and they will come out easier. Take a cloth on the motorcycle to dry it if it has drops of water that could dirty the visor or screen. Look at the races, how they clean the cars and motorcycles at each stop.

Ducati Supersport 950 S60 Motorcycle SuitDucati Supersport 950.

6. I signed up for a driving course

Apart from the theory that these courses are to go faster, the reality in most cases is that they are to go safer. In a driving course you will not only learn to ride a motorcycle, but (as is usual) you go with yours, you will be able to check its limits: how far it brakes, how it grabs, how it behaves in more extreme situations than when we drive through public roads. Take these courses as an investment for yourself, it doesn’t matter if you have a thirty thousand euro Ducati or a Bandit, a Yamaha T max or the new SYM 400.

Sidewalk Motorbike Kawasaki City Z900Kawasaki Z900.

7. Forget distractions

Right now, there are too many distractions to riding a motorcycle. If you’re a lifelong biker, you don’t even need a rev counter. Navigators, mobiles on the handlebars, chargers, spaceship lights in the frame, pictures that look like tablets that tell you if you have lost weight or gained weight when you get on the bike … When you ride, only road. A two-second delay can be fatal.

Big 1598436426moto Scooter Sym Jet 14 125 Lc Red

8. You are not an expert on rain

I remember those races, especially in Suzuka, where a wild card (guest driver) managed to get on the podium when it rained. Or those pilots who in the dry, did not play remarkable roles and in the rain, they took one second per lap to the rest. In this, there is a small portion that is quality, but above all it is risk, they took more risks than the others in the wet. That on the track, in a championship is okay, but please … when it rains on the road, be careful. One of the problems of motorcycle accidents when it rains is that the rider goes just as fast in the dry as when it rains. You may have heard it already, but the first drops are the most dangerous, especially when they land on dividing lines and zebra crossings, they become soap.

Remember, you will not surprise in the rain, the surprise can be taken by you

Motorcycle Scooter Yamaha Nmax125 20219Yamaha N-MAX 125.

9. Put blinkers

In addition to setting an example, you advise where you are going. It is not only courtesy for others, it is safety for you. It cannot be that you ride a motorcycle with 6 cylinders and seat heating and do not come as standard flashing lights. The belief that when you put them on, it won’t allow you to change lanes or turn is a myth.

Enjoy the motorcycle safely.

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