9 Best Picnic Blankets 2021 – Waterproof Picnic Blankets


From where I’m standing, there are three possible reasons you’re reading this right now: 1) You’ve stumbled upon the picnic aesthetic side of TikTok and need to participate immediately. Yes, it’s a thing. 2) You’ve recently watched The Sound of Music and want to get your Do-Re-Mi on in some greenery. 3) You’ve become a picnic pro during the pandemic and want to up your game.

No matter the sitch, I can tell you that you’re in need of a picnic blanket. It’s your base, the foundation of every good picnic food ‘gram. Sure, you can always grab one of the blankets you have laying around and ~ make do ~, but what if I told you there are perfectly patterned, travel-ready, and (sometimes) WATERPROOF blankets that take picnics as seriously as they were meant to be taken?

Whether you’re tackling the park picnic, the beach picnic, the impromptu picnic, or even the indoor picnic date (popularized by Troy and Gabriella in High School Musical 3: Senior Year, duh); these blankets are sure to make all of your lovely outdoor eating dreams come true.

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A Classic One

Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket

This super classic red and white gingham blanket is bound to place you among the upper echelons of the Picnic Elite ™. Plus, it’s * huge * so none of your friends will be banished to the grass (been there — it’s not cute).


A Rustic One

Bournia Throw Blanket

If you want to add a bit of a ~ boho vibe ~ to your picnic, this blanket is fab. It comes in a ton of colors, has adorable fringe detail, andddd you can easily toss it in the laundry if you get a little frisky with some red wine.


To Yellow One

Johanna Howard Cozi Throw Johanna Howard Amazon

$ 160.00

Picture this: Your sunny, yellow picnic blanket on bright gorgeous green grass with some gorgeous watermelon and alll of your gorgeous friends. It’s an image that should be studied in Art History 101.


A Rollable One

Extra Large Picnic and Outdoor Blanket

It’s got warm fleece. It’s got two-layer waterproof protection. It’s got a CARRYING STRAP. Yes, bring that extra pack of White Claw.


A Portable One

Pocket Blanket Uncommon Goods Uncommon Goods

$ 30.00

When (yes, I said when!) You find yourself in an impromptu picnic situation, you’ll be happy you threw this in your tote. This super small, no-frills bb should be carried around like an umbrella — or your wallet.


An Astrology One

Zodiac Blanket FrankiePrintCo Etsy

$ 79.00

I mean, come on! Not only is this blanket cute and super roomy, but it’s also an excuse to their out everyone’s birth chart. You know, to find out if you’re an actually compatible crew … 🙃


A Practical One

Large Outdoor Blanket

If you like going outside for any reason at all, this one should be in your Amazon cart ASAP. One side’s waterproof, the other is a super cozy, thermal situation. What more could you ask for?


A Dreamy One

Moon Phase Throw Uncommon Goods Uncommon Goods

$ 108.00

One could say that the cured meats and fresh fruit are supposed to be the stars of an Instagram-approved picnic, but this blanket is too good to be a supporting cast member. Lay this down and your aesthetic ambiance is 90 percent there.


A Pink One

UGG Mischa Quilted Outdoor Throw Blanket UGG Bed Bath & Beyond

$ 29.99

Are you seeing this? This blanket was literally made for the outdoors (water-resistant, machine washable, the whole nine) AND it’s pink. Who said you have to choose between pretty and practical? Couldn’t be me.

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