9 best lightweight, compact and quality voice recorders (2021)

To record with more quality than that offered by a mobile, these recorders are very good options.

You can install a voice recorder on any smartphone on the market, however, like some people do with books, you may like to do things the old-fashioned way, and why install an application on your mobile? if you can buy one lifetime voice recorder.

Today we are going to teach you several voice recorders that are compact, light, and with which you will be able to record what you want and when you want, all with a great sound quality offered by the models we have selected.

Top of the best light, compact and quality recorders

These voice recorders have a very comfortable design to transport it, large internal memory to store all your recordings and large capacity batteries so you can use it for hours without charging. These are the main characteristics of the best voice recorders.

DCUKPSTSony ICD-PX470Mibao V100Sony ICD-PX370Aomago A36KINPEE N80Recorder CovvyOlympus LS-P4EVISTR L157


A compact voice recorder, with 16 GB of internal storage in which to store up to 24 hours of audio in quality 1536 kbps. It has a 500 mAh rechargeable battery, a very comfortable size to always carry it with you and a HD display in which you can see data such as the battery status or the duration of the recording in progress.

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Sony ICD-PX470

The top voice recorder you can find for its price. With the usual reliability offered by Sony products, 4 GB of internal memory – expandable up to 32 GB –as well as a USB connector for easy data transfer. As a noteworthy note, it has an automatic voice recording mode that reduces background noise.

Know more: Sony ICD-PX470

Mibao V100

A more conventional-looking recorder, which also features 16 GB internal memory, and even a built-in FM radio. It is a very interesting device, also capable of recording at a speed of 1536 Kbps. You can start recording quickly, it has a button for it and even an automatic recording mode when you hear an audible sound.

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Sony ICD-PX370

A voice recorder with a groundbreaking design, two microphones and a 4GB capacity. It records in MP3 at 128 kbps and it even has a slightly curved front, which is reminiscent of the aesthetics of a mobile phone. Plays MP3 and has a battery for almost 60 hours of recording.

Know more: Sony ICD-PX370

Aomago A36

This Aomago A36 recorder is a very good choice, especially because of the wide 32GB storage that will give you to save many conversations, interviews, songs, etc. It integrates dual microphone that supports 1536 kbps recordings with background noise reduction. You can also connect an external microphone, and schedule recordings to start and end at a specific time.

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You can also opt for this KINPEE voice recorder, with 32GB storage, more than enough for all your recordings. Can record high quality audio at 384 kbpsBest of all, you can quickly start recording with the push of a button. It comes with a screen so you can see the duration of the recording and the remaining battery, among other information.

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Covvy Recorder

If you need a recorder, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can go for this Covvy recorder. Offers a good audio quality, with external noise reduction, 8GB storage and long battery life. It has a compact design and three buttons that help it offer very simple operation.

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Olympus LS-P4

This Olympus LS-P4 is the best guide recorder, with a TRESMIC 3 microphone system, which can record sound with frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Has function of noise cancellation, zoom mode, Fade-in / Fade-out and it also works as an MP3 file player. His storage is 8GB, with microSD card slot up to 32GB. Furthermore, it is Bluetooth compatible.

Know more: Olympus LS-P4


Another of the best voice recorders is this EVISTR L157, with a microphone that captures crisp 1536kbps audio and cancels outside noise so your recordings can be heard in great detail. It is a recorder with a compact size, very comfortable to use, and it also has voice recording activation. To save your files you have 16 GB memory.

Know more: EVISTR L157

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