9 anime characters that are older than they appear (and their ages)

The art style that most anime characters are designed with is overwhelmingly universal – huge eyes and relatively small mouth are present in almost every iteration. However, given the wide range of other traits, such as hair color, skin tone, expression, etc., it can be difficult, if not impossible, to pin down their ages unless clarified in the narrative context.

Although there are certain traits that offer clues about how old they are, this can be intentionally misleading at times (for any number of reasons.) For example, some characters may choose to appear younger, while others have retained their youth due to their intrinsic powers, and others have simply not been able to physically meet their age for presumably biological reasons.

9 Despite His Childish Looks, Biscuit Krueger Is 57 Years Old – Hunter X Hunter

Biscuit is the typical yangire anime character, from his frilly outfit and double ponytail to his unpredictable twists toward aggressiveness and violence. She loves the idea of ​​her girlish appearance, although she is several times older than she looks, as she is 57 years old.

In fact, his adult version is much scarier, and although he pretends to disguise himself to deceive his opponents, the truth is that Bisky despises his real, stereotypical male body, even if it is the only way to access all his power.

8 Although He Looks Older, Few Guess Yamamoto Genryusai Is Over 2,000 Years Old – Bleach

All Soul Society Shinigami are several times their age, but Captain-Commander Yamamoto Genryuusai is the one who presents the greatest contrast between presentation and maturity.

Admittedly, he already looks like a 90-year-old man (with an unusually beefy anatomy), but he’s actually at least two millennia old. The truth is that Yamamoto is probably much older, because he looks like a middle-aged man in a flashback set 2,100 years in the past.

7 young Midoriya Izuku is actually 16 years old – My Hero Academia

Midoriya Izuku’s physical characteristics do not show a drastic difference in terms of age and image, but he is still well behind the rest of his class. He is sixteen at the end of the Paranormal Arc of Liberation, but he does not appear to be older than twelve, with or without biceps.

In addition, he measures approximately 1.70 meters, a few centimeters shorter than the average height of Japanese men. Izuku may not have experienced a significant growth spurt yet, but he will always have those adorable boyish freckles on his face.

6 Some will be surprised to learn that Tatsumaki is 28 years old – One-Punch Man

One Punch Man’s Tatsumaki is the Tornado not only because of her powerful telekinesis, but because she behaves like one. He is arrogant, reckless, quickly angered, and does not deign to offer deference to anyone, regardless of seniority or ability.

This may be because she, as a 28-year-old woman, is uncomfortable with her unusually youthful face and voice. Tatsumaki could easily be an elementary school girl or a high school girl at the latest, and that’s why she hates terms that refer to this insecurity.

5 Harime Nui from Kill La Kill is actually 17 years old

Harime Nui is very, very immature in her demeanor and also seems to prefer the more childish styles (pink hair bow, lace-up dress, and pigtails). Except for the eye patch, it would be impossible to interpret her as anything other than a girl.

On the other hand, perhaps its origins, steeped in the strange magic of the Vital Fiber, have something to do with the mismatch between the age it appears and the age it is.

4 Near is 17, although he looks much younger – Death Note

The successor to L, Near, or N, is ridiculously clever, which is, of course, a requirement for someone in his position. As intelligent as he is, he has a predilection for childishness, which leads him to have rather youthful attributes.

At seventeen, Near is only five feet tall at most, increasing the public’s perception of him. On the other hand, its very nature is an anomaly, so to speak, so it shouldn’t be so unexpected.

3 Very few would have guessed that Kurama is over 300 years old – Yu Yu Hakusho

Kurama is a teenager, and he looks like one (albeit with long red-magenta hair). However, when he returns to his true identity, he becomes a majestic being, all dressed in white and with a noble demeanor.

Yoko Kurama may be in her early twenties, but she’s actually around three centuries old, if not older. Having been an extremely strong demon in his past life, he has spent eons in the makai, or the demon world depicted in the Arch of the Three Kings.

2 Van Hohenheim is 451 years old, much older than he seems – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

After the flask dwarf, Homunculus, deceives the entire land of Xerxes, steals half a million souls for himself, and gifts Hohenheim with the other half. His new friend doesn’t appreciate this deception, but unable to do anything about it, he just walks away.

Hohenheim spends the next four-odd centuries traveling Amestris, slowly but gradually creating his counter-circle to overturn Father’s plan. Hohenheim lives 451 years, and only disintegrates once all the lives within him have been released. To be fair, it ages at least two decades in that time.

1 Muzan Kibutsuji is surprisingly 1,000-10,000 + – Demon Slayer

Muzan is the first demon, and the only one to have been created by another human being (a doctor who tried to lengthen his life when he was a human with a deadly disease).

A millennium has passed since he was « born, » and not only does he look astonishingly young, but he can transform into any shape he wishes. At the end of the manga, Muzan is « poisoned » by Tamayo, which accelerates his aging process to a great extent. When it dies, it is tens of thousands of years old.