HE 87th Anniversary CMLL It is considered the most important function throughout the year since it celebrates the establishment of Lucha Libre in Mexico and the creation of the oldest company in the world, year after year there have been memorable struggles through the years where we have seen struggles of championship bets and mainly betting duels where very important hair and masks have fallen.

Defined Billboard

Although it was already known that 7 Championships would be held for this function, also called the Night of Champions, it only remained to confirm who would be the challengers, who were voted through the official website of the CMLLIn this way the struggles were as follows:

Women’s National Championship

Metallic (C) vs Rain

World MicroStars Championship

Chamuel (C) vs Microman

Women’s World Championship

Marcela (C) vs Princess Sugehit

National Trios Championship

Samson. Rustler and Stranger (C) vs Virus, Raziel and Cerberus

World Couples Championship

Charismatic and Mystical (C) vs Comet King and Black spirit

World Trios Championship

Last Warrior, Great warrior and Euphoria (C) vs Magician, Terrible and Templar

NWA Historic World Welterweight Championship

Flying Jr. (C) vs Bandit

Star Fight

It had been announced a few days ago that the star fight of the 87th Anniversary would be the one that received the most votes through the dynamics that they did on their official page and that concluded yesterday, this is how the contest for the World Couples Championship between the Dream Catcher against Gold and Silver Couple will be in charge of starring that night since the brothers want us Comet King how Black spirit received the largest number of votes.

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