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A soda, a croquette. A beer, best accompanied with a croquette. The love story between the Spanish and this food is ironclad and has no cracks … nor does it seem like it will in the future. They are almost a national gastronomic heritage.

That a high number of croquettes are consumed in Spain was clear, which had never been quantified as has been done by the restaurant specializing in croquettes Oido Cocina Gourmet, which has carried out its annual study on the consumption of croquettes in 2020 in Spain and which has been published in Chance, from the Europa Press agency.

His research concludes that Spaniards consume a total of 151 croquettes per year. It is difficult to get an idea by eye, so to help understand it they have quantified it in a great way: if they were to be lined up they would occupy 5.3 meters long, that is, the average height of a two-story house.

The cities with the most croquettes, according to this study, are Madrid, Seville, Guadalajara and Barcelona, ​​while the favorite flavors of the Spanish are Iberian ham, Madrid stew, truffle, bacon and Parmesan and confit leeks.

In social networks, the way in which what 151 croquettes mean has been exemplified has been viralized. “Quantifying the consumption of croquettes in meters and not in units makes this a better world,” wrote the tweeter Ana Belén González. His publication has gone viral and has already exceeded 8,700 likes.

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