80-year-old woman stabbed for resisting robbery in Alabama

Violent events seem to be the order of the day and for criminals there is no age they respect, because an 80-year-old woman was stabbed by a subject who stole her car, and not satisfied with it, tried to take her purse, but the woman resisted and the criminal injured her with a knife.

According to the reports of the Bessemer City Police Department, on Alabama, the woman received several stab wounds while struggling with the thief, committed the carjacking, and then tried to take her bag from her, but the thief did not expect the old woman to resist, so they began to struggle.

The bag was not stolen

Despite the woman’s age, the subject continued to try to steal her bag and as the woman resisted the situation, she decided to stab the body several times, local authorities reported.

The events occurred around 3:30 a.m. (local time), Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of a Walmart, the Bessemer Police Department reported,

“The woman stood firm and did not give in to the suspect’s demands”, the authorities informed about the struggle that the old woman had with the delinquent.

The elderly woman received several stab wounds to her leg and arm, for which she was transferred to UAB West for first aid.

The suspect fled after injuring the old woman, but the police launched an operation to find the subject.

The aggressor was detained by the police

The police were able to find the suspect, due to the images captured by security cameras placed in the city.

Agents proceeded to arrest the subject on first degree assault and robbery charges, according to official reports.

The police withheld the identity of the suspect

Despite his arrest, the police reported that they will keep the identity of the subject anonymous until the official charges are filed.

That is, until the assaulted old woman files charges against her, but what is known so far is that the woman was transferred to a city hospital to be treated for her injuries, but no further information has been provided about his health.

The identity of the victim was not released either.

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