80% of organizations worldwide were digitally transformed by the pandemic

A global study by Dell Technologies surveyed 4,300 business leaders to discuss changes from the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the world to change, and companies do not escape this. 80% of organizations were digitally transformed by the global quarantine.

This is the result of a global study by Dell Technologies, which surveyed 4,300 business leaders to discuss the changes resulting from the pandemic.

Another conclusion reached is that 70% are reinventing their business model.

The survey, conducted between July and August of this 2020, covered 18 countries. The results were published in November this year.

« Organizations are fast-moving their digital transformation programs, » the report noted. « They are on track to achieve, in a few months, what would normally take them years. »

However, applying the mindset for change has not been easy. There are three main obstacles to doing so:

Cybersecurity and data privacy concerns.
Lack of budget and resources.
And the inability to extract information from the data and / or information overload.

Investments for the coming years, according to Dell’s survey

According to the Dell Technologies Index, the main technology investments for the next three years will focus on:

Cybersecurity and Data Management Tools.
5G Infrastructure, Privacy Software and Hybrid Cloud Environment.

« There is no doubt that we are on a path that has already been started, » said Mauricio Chacón, Dell Technologies manager for Chile and Peru. « (But) it requires all the support of the ecosystem technologies to move forward. »