80 of Mexicans do not consume streaming according to Inegi

-Despite popularity, there are few who hire these services -In the capital only 1.8 million people hire these services -In Mexico, however, the streaming contracting market has risen 66 percent

The battle for the soul of streaming continues, those who have access to these platforms have been able to make their lives more bearable, especially in a pandemic, because thanks to the content they handle, there are options to stay at home while the health crisis decreases.

However, despite the popularity of platforms such as Netflix or Disney +, the figures may not be as beneficial as they were believed for these companies in Mexico, since 80 percent of the Mexican population does not contract these services, according to the latest census population of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

To contrast with other data, the trend has placed streaming services above other media. This is reflected in a recent study signed by the consulting firm Dtaxis, which indicates that in Mexico, online streaming platforms on demand registered a growth of 66 percent in their subscriber base between 2019 and 2020, going from 9 to 15 million users in that period.

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Faced with an evident increase in the offer of these services, OTT subscribers doubled the total access compared to subscribers to the cable pay TV service, which according to figures provided by the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) during in 2019 they were around 7,500, and exceeded 11,600 restricted satellite TV accesses.

Eight out of 10 private dwellings inhabited in Mexico do not have Netflix, Spotify or other paid online movie, music or video services, according to the results of the 2020 Population and Housing Census that Inegi released this Monday.

Of the 35.2 million homes in the country, 28.5 million did not have these services last year and they are equivalent to 81 percent of the total.

The State of Mexico is the entity with the most properties without access to these platforms, with 3.7 million homes; followed by Veracruz with 2.1 million; Mexico City with 1.8 million; Jalisco with 1.7 million, and Puebla with 1.5 million, reported El Universal.

The Inegi census revealed that almost half of the total private homes in the country did not have internet service in 2020, the equivalent of 48 percent, while a decade ago there were 78 percent of properties without access to the net.

The exercise also showed that 88 percent of households had at least one cell phone last year, while in 2010 the proportion was 66 percent.

91% of inhabited private homes have a television, 88% have a refrigerator, 73% have a washing machine, 47% have their own car or truck, 38% have a computer, laptop or tablet and 37.5% have a telephone line fixed.