$ 80-110 million for his first weekend

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We are just a week away from the first weekend of “Black Widow” in theaters. On the 9th the Marvel Studios movie will be released on the big screen and on the Disney + platform with premium access. This is one of the great premieres and it is watched with special interest how the blockbuster will work because of the pandemic.

Precisely this weekend that we are now closing is the first time since March 2020 that the 10 best films at the box office won more than 1 million dollars, which shows that there is interest on the part of the public. We are still far from what we could consider “normal”, but there is a good trend. Thus, “Fast and Furious 9” seems to be closing the weekend with $ 24 million.

A few weeks ago there was talk of a discreet figure of 65-90 million dollars for the first weekend of Natasha’s film in the United States. However, this figure changes now. The same people who gave that data weeks ago, Box Office Pro, now update their forecast, raising the figure by 11%, as the outlook for “Black Widow” is getting better and better.

The positive opinions and reactions that the film has had in its previous screenings has made them get away with a timely high on Rotten Tomatoes (something we know is not always reliable), but also that the ticket presale It is well above F9, which debuted last weekend with 70 million, at the same distance from its respective premiere. For this reason, and despite its hybrid premiere with Disney +, they estimate 80-110 million dollars for their first weekend in the United States.

This Marvel movie will serve as Natasha’s origin story, but it is not really intended to be an origin movie, but rather to tell a story that allows Natasha to be better known and developed, while introducing more characters who promise to have more future adventures. in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Theatrical release on July 9th in cinemas and on the Disney + platform.

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