These records have been recorded by Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Utah.

Eight states in the past week have recorded all-time highs for contagion by coronavirus, part of a total of 23 states that have reported spikes in cases, amid a tightening of containment measures among the population, starting with the county from Orange, Florida, who has followed in the footsteps of California and ordered the use of a mandatory mask.

Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Utah are the eight states that have recorded these records. From the different governorates, it has been argued that this growth in cases is due to the increase in tests on the population, but sections such as the number of those admitted point to a much higher spread of the virus at the rate of tests, according to experts consulted by CNN. .

Florida has averaged, for example, about 2,408 new cases per day in the past week, about 90 percent more than in the previous seven-day period. The last balance on Thursday revealed 3,200 new infections in a single day, an unprecedented figure since the declaration of the pandemic.

Given the seriousness of this situation, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings signed an executive order mandating, as of Saturday, mandatory facial protection in a particularly critical environment.

In addition to the fact that a large part of the state’s population is retired from other parts of the country, it is added the fact that in Orange County there is Orlando, Disney theme park accommodation and scene of NBA season restart.

California, another of the most affected states, has averaged around 3,387 new cases per day during the last week, Texas has maintained an average of around 2,657 new cases daily, while Arizona has registered an average of 1,740 infections

Of particular concern is Oklahoma, whose weekly cases soared 140 percent. Although the state maintains its daily average of around 250 cases a day, This Saturday it will become the scene of a massive event of the country’s president, Donald Trump, in the city of Tulsa and where the use of a mask is not mandatory, which could lead to a new vector of infections.

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