8 tips that will help you put together your daily makeup

For beginners: 8 tips that will help you put together your daily makeup
February 22, 2021 08:03 a.m.

Not all of us were born with a skilled hand to the makeup. This is not to say that we cannot achieve a result of 10 with basic products and simple techniques. The acclaimed makeup artist Cristina Lobato revealed some tips to achieve a beginners make up, beautiful and fashionable.

8 make up tips for a beginner woman.

Step by step to put on makeup if you are a beginner

1. The coverage: main mistake. The main mistake is to think that the more coverage, the more the imperfection will be covered. Generally, we will be able to cover with the color and not with the coverage.

2. The dark circles ?. The dark circle arises from the upper eyelid and ascends downwards, but it does not enter the area of ​​the bag, so it is recommended leave this area free of product.

If it is an imperceptible dark circle, simply by lighting the area with a natural beige tone or the base itself will be covered. When it is more pronounced, we neutralize the area with a salmon tone; Once neutralized with an orange tone, we proceed to neutralize with the beige tone: either with a base or with a concealer.

3. The makeup base. Currently there are countless textures and compositions, hence finding the one that best suits the face becomes a vitally important step. To test the foundation, it is recommended to do it in the jaw area and not the hand.

Remember that the base always has to blend with the tone of the neck; the color on the face will be applied later with sun powder and blush. Ideally, it should be the same tone as our skin.

4. The eye shadows. An easy, but great technique, consists of applying a single tone on the eyelid and blending towards the upper eyelid so that it goes in a gradient, for example, with an ocher-like intensity tone, but that has some light and shine.

5. The eyeliner: the definitive test. It is one of the most complex steps. It is best to practice with an eyeliner doing makeup flush with the eyelashes, from the tear duct to the root of the eyelashes, staying on the outside. With a beveled brush we blur to create the eyeliner, we do it with that same pencil and we drag it from the outline itself.

6. The correct order. We start the makeup by the eyes in case traces of shadow fall on the skin. We work the eye, clean and apply the base.

7. The importance of mascara. If you like mascara a lot, you can apply two layers, but always first one eye and then the other to allow to act, otherwise the whole product can become caked. In addition, it is necessary to know the expiration date of this product: six months.

8. Mattifying powders. Once the base is applied, we seal with powder. Once sealed with the powder we cannot reapply any fluid or cream product because it will create a pasty and cracked effect.