Urinary infections require special care in food, there are natural products with diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties that will be a great ally in the prevention and control of this type of infection.

The urinary tract infections usually occur with higher incidence in women and although normally usually occur in the bladder or urethra, they can also occur in a way more severe in the kidneys. They present with symptoms, among which the pelvic painpain or burning when you urinate cloudy or even bloody urine, low to high fever, pressure or cramps in the lower abdomen or lower back and the constant need to urinate. There are several causes that are associated with this type of infections, among which stand out the pregnancy, some contraceptive methods, menopause, a deterioration in the body’s defenses and some bacteria, For example, him 85% of cystitis cases are caused by E.Coli bacteria which is found in the intestine and that is why these types of infections have a close relationship with the health of the digestive tract. Largely because of this bacterial presence is that the most common treatment for any urinary tract infection involves the use of antibioticsHowever, it has been verified that food consumption with medicinal properties Play a determining role in prevention and treatment.

The best foods to avoid urinary tract infections:

1. Cranberry

Cranberries are probably the most popular food to treat the urinary tract infections, its consumption is a great ally in prevention and treatment. This is due to its content in tannins, quercetin, and vitamin C, that helped to prevent bacteria from adhering to mucosa of the urinary tract. Too cranberries they contain proanthocyanins which are considered a powerful flavonoid which is related to benefits to prevent appearance of infections and they are also a good ally for protect stomach. The main recommendation is consume them fresh and in natural juice (a glass when you wake up is perfect), although they are also a good complement in salads.

Cranberries. / Photo: Shutterstock

2. Asparagus

Asparagus cannot be missing in any diet created to prevent and combat all kinds of urinary tract infections, his main goodness is due to his purifying properties. Thanks to your extraordinary fiber content they act with a powerful diuretic action which is of great help to raze the bacteria and deep clean the digestive tract, by eliminating toxins the urine is being cleaned and the symptoms are fighting. The main recommendation is to eat them fresh on the grill, steamed or as a good complement in soups or salads.

asparagusasparagusAsparagus. / Photo: Unsplash

3. lemon juice

The lemon is considered one of the superfoods most beneficial for health in general, among its main qualities for treating urinary tract conditions their antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which help to attack pathogens. At the same time it has positive effects on the organism pH and it has the peculiarity of increasing it, this causes a complicated means for the bacteria survive and reproduce. The main recommendation is consume fresh lemon juice with a little warm water on an empty stomachYou can also use it as a healthy condiment in vegetables, salads, vinaigrettes and all kinds of meat and fish.

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4. Millet

Millet is a nutrient rich cereal which has the peculiarity of being a good healthy and comprehensive option, a good recommendation is to substitute the consumption of refined cereals for integrals this is due to its content in slow assimilation carbohydrates who are kinder to him digestive and intestinal system. At the same time, its high fiber content is a good ally to deflate the damage the infection leaves on the Urinary tractTry to consume this type of cereal twice a week.

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5. Parsley

Parsley is a Aromatic herb than full of flavor and personality various dishes, but it is also considered a powerful medicinal food to which great health effects are attributed. It is a diuretic herb what’s wrong with it great antibiotic properties, which when combined are a great ally to cure all kinds of Urinary infections. The recommendation is to consume it in green juices, in juices, smoothies and as a condiment in all kinds of dishes.

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6. Chia seeds

The small chia seeds are considered one of the superfoods with greater medicinal benefits of nature, when we talk about urinary tract infections they are a good ally thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties which help calm the symptoms of infection and constant pain when urinating. They also provide numerous nutrients, among which its content in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, it is recommended to consume in juices, water, smoothies and puddings.

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7. ginger

Since ancient times, ginger is one of the medicinal ingredients most valued for their healing qualities, among its main benefits is its antioxidant power, its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory action that intervene in a positive way helping the body to yield the infection. Its consumption is also associated with benefits for strengthen the immune systemor and this helps to combat more effectively responsible bacteria. The recommendation is to consume it in juices, smoothies and especially as an infusionbecause it helps relax the entire digestive, urinary and intestinal systems.

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8. Garlic

Another ingredient with more great medicinal benefits since ancient times it is garlic, its antibiotic power is strong and it has the peculiar action of preventing bacteria from accumulating in the urinary tract and thus making symptoms worse. Also has is regarded as a extraordinary source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents than defenses increase and decrease the pain caused by inflammation. The recommendation is to consume it as an ingredient in all kinds of dishes and if you cheer up as an infusion, although there are also good options for natural supplements.

Garlic. / Photo: Pixabay