On August 13, 1976, the first International Left Hand Day was established. And, since then, that day has been reserved to publicize the difficulties that left-handed people encounter in a society in which right-handed people predominate. Among these barriers is the fact that the vast majority of tools that are created and used on a daily basis are designed to use the right hand.

Ned Flanders shows off his store in ‘The Simpsons’

With a percentage between 8% and 13% left-handed with respect to the world population, there are several internationally known faces whose dominant hand is the left, like Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Jim Carrey, Julia Roberts or Adam Levine. However, one of the perhaps most famous lefties, even if he is not a real person, is Ned Flanders, the favorite neighbor of ‘The Simpsons’.

In fact, Flanders has always flaunted being left-handed, to the point that he created the « Zurditorium », a left-handed utensil store that has its real version in London, where the « Anything Left-Handed » establishment was born in 1968. For this reason, on the occasion of the International Lefty Day, At FormulaTV we collect some of the best episodes starring this endearing character, which fans can enjoy at any time on Disney +.

one « When Flanders Failed » (3×03)

Flanders and Homer reconcile in 3×03 of ‘The Simpsons’

The birth of Flanders’ famous « Zuditorium » dates back to the beginning of the third season, specifically to the third episode, titled « When Flanders failed ». It was then that Ned gathered his neighbors and acquaintances, the Simpsons included, in a barbecue where he gave happy news: he was leaving his job in the pharmaceutical sector to dedicate himself to his new project, a shop with products for lefties. A new stage in which Homer, as usual, expected his neighbor to fail miserably in the absence of customers. However, seeing his wish fulfilled and witnessing the utter ruin of Flanders, Simpson ended up collaborating so that the place was filled with customers, among which were also left-handed characters such as Mr. Burns, Moe or Barney.

two « Homer loves Flanders » (5×16)

Flanders and Homer, very close in the 5×16 of ‘The Simpsons’

The sixteenth episode of the fifth season, « Homer loves Flanders », is one of those that demonstrate that Homer can go from hatred to love with his neighbor Ned without rhyme or reason. In this chapter, Flanders won the prize of two tickets to a football game that his neighbor wanted. In the middle of the mission of the patriarch of the Simpsons to steal them, Ned surprised him by inviting him to the party. There, the close relationship of the mustachioed character with one of the great players prompted Homer to adore, perhaps excessively, his kind neighbor, to the point that the protagonist organized a family trip with the Flanders.

Despite the kindness of Ned, his wife and children, the adventure did not end especially well for them, after starring in several disasters in an episode that also featured a short and funny parody of « Terminator 2: The Last Judgment »: Homer, golf clubs in hand, chased the car of the frightened Flanders family and even nailed them in the vehicle, from which he ended up falling. An excessive and somewhat sinister affection on the part of Homer towards his neighbor that, as Lisa herself predicts, fades some time later for no reason.

3 « Home sweet home, tralarí, tralará » (7×03)

Ned Flanders, about to baptize Bart in episode 7×03 of ‘The Simpsons’

« Home, sweet home, tralarí, tralará », is the third episode of the seventh season, in which a series of curious circumstances caused that social services seized custody of Bart, Lisa and Maggie from Marge and Homer. The couple was forced to attend a course in « family techniques » after the young Simpsons ended up in the custody of their neighbors, the Flanders.

While both Bart and Lisa were reluctant to give up their Simpson part, the same was not the case with Maggie, who was carried away by the love, attention and care of Ned and Maude. In fact, Flanders decided to baptize the Simpson children after discovering that they had not received the sacrament, just as both Homer and Marge were successfully completing their course. A final stretch of the episode in which the patriarch of the family « saved » his son from being baptized by his devoted neighbor and in which Maggie ended up accepting his Simpson side after reuniting with his mother.

4 « Hurricane Neddy » (8×08)

Flanders explodes against his neighbors in 8 × 08 of ‘The Simpsons’

The main characteristic of Ned Flanders throughout the series is his kindness and his perhaps excessive pasotism towards the abuses that are committed against him, especially by his neighbor. Thus, the eighth episode of the eighth season of ‘The Simpsons’, « Hurricane Neddy », was a break in terms of the usual good behavior in the character. In it, Flanders comes to a head after his seemingly well-protected home was destroyed by a hurricane that miraculously spares other homes. To this was added, in addition, the indiscriminate looting of his beloved « Zurdorium ».

The dire situation of Ned and his family, without income, goods or home, not only tests Flanders’ faith, but also invites those around him, with the Simpsons at the helm, to try to rebuild their house without much success. A meeting that concludes when Flanders’ seemingly unshakeable patience completely breaks and he begins to launch harsh criticism against some of those present. After suffering a fit of anger, The Simpsons’ neighbor decides to enter a psychiatric center, where we discover his past With hippie parents who hardly cared about their upbringing and whom, deep down, Ned detested.

5 « Viva Ned Flanders » (10×10)

Homer and Flanders get married in Las Vegas in episode 10×10 of ‘The Simpsons’

After the demolition of Mr. Burns’s casino, the Simpson family went to a car wash, where Homer witnessed Flanders use, allegedly fraudulently, a senior citizen card to receive a discount. so it begins the tenth episode of the tenth season of ‘The Simpsons’, « Long live Ned Flanders », where it was discovered that Flanders was older than he appeared: specifically, sixty years.

This revelation that surprised everyone around the friendly neighbor who, realizing that he had never taken a risk in life, turned to Homer to live new and exciting experiences. Thus, the pair of friends began the « Homer Simpson Program », with which both ended up in the crazy city of Las Vegas to enjoy a good party. Something that just got out of hand when, hungover, Flanders and Homer found out that they had married for the second time during which it was the first binge of the devout neighbor. A chapter that concluded with both neighbors expelled from Las Vegas and aimlessly in the middle of the desert.

6 « Alone again » (11×14)

Lovejoy comforts Flanders in ‘The Simpsons’ 11×14

What seemed like a gentle Simpson family walk through the woods turned into a day on a race track where, unexpectedly, Maude, Ned’s wife, lost her life after being hit by a T-shirt from which she fell outside the stadium. Thus, in the fourteenth episode of the eleventh season of ‘The Simpsons’, « Alone again », Flanders had to face the challenge of living without his wife, with the somewhat clumsy support of Homer, who urged him to find a new partner with which to start a new life, through a marriage agency. After several disastrous dates, including one with Edna Krabappel, with whom Flanders had a more serious relationship in later seasons, Ned saw his faith falter until He ended up finding some hope in his beloved church about the possibility of having a new love, watching the performance of a kind Christian singer named Rachel.

7 « Diatribe of a crazy woman » (15×10)

Marge fantasizes about Ned Flanders in ‘The Simpsons’ episode 15×10

In the fifteenth season, chapter ten, « Diatriba de una loca », centers on a Marge who, driven by a stimulating talk about books, goes to the computer to write her own novel. A story that was born from his personal situation, with Homer thrown into his makeshift job as an ambulance driver while completely ignoring her.

For that reason, Marge used to fantasize about her neighbor, Ned Flanders, because of how attentive he is to her, and he reflected it in a book that was finally published after Homer gave his approval after pretending that he had read it. When discovering the real content of the novel thanks to the stir generated among his acquaintances, Homer, far from going after Flanders in search of revenge, he turns to his friendly neighbor for the opposite: asking for advice on how to be a better husband to MargeJust as Ned had been for Maude.

8 « Vigilance with love » (21×20)

Flanders, happy to keep an eye on his neighbors in ‘The Simpsons’ 21×20

Episode twenty-one of the twenty-first season, « Surveillance with Love, » showed a somewhat dark side to Flanders., as a result of the puritanism of which he boasts so much. After believing that Springfield has been the target of an attempted attack when a bag of plutonium that Burns had secretly cased on Homer detonated, the citizens agree to establish a network of surveillance cameras around the city with the help of a London adviser, in order to prevent the episode from repeating itself. To avoid the tedious task of monitoring everything the cameras show, the police decide to recruit several volunteers, including Marge and Ned Flanders.

Carried away by his modesty and his pride, Ned restricted the freedom of his neighbors when they perform small acts or « mistakes » that he considers immoral, like using the Wi-Fi of a hotel without being a customer or kissing in the park. His continuous reproaches go too far, forcing Homer and Bart to take advantage of a blind spot located in their garden to allow all kinds of activities in exchange for money, without receiving lessons from their insistent neighbor. After being discovered by Flanders, he understood with the help of Homer that the madness generated in his neighbor’s garden is the fault of his insistent control, so both are dedicated to getting rid of the cameras throughout the city.