8 competencies and skills needed to get a job

Job competencies and skills are linked to the ability to take on challenges and solve problems at work. Academic training continues to be important to find employment, but the world of work is constantly changing and now job competencies and skills play a more important role than a few years ago, in addition, they are transformed according to the demands of the environment.

The home office has developed in recent years, more in 2020 due to the pandemic. It has advantages for employees and for companies. Regardless of the distance or proximity to the center and to co-workers, the development of your job skills and abilities will manifest themselves and you will be able to have good results in either of the two areas.

By developing new job competencies and skills you can participate more competitively in the changing job market. Photo: Pixabay.

Skills are a set of particular skills or knowledge that are required to perform a work or other activity. They are separated into two groups: job-specific skills and social skills.

Job competencies are made up of the knowledge that guarantees success when a person carries out their tasks.

Skills are the knowledge that leads to the completion of a task and professional competence is the ability to perform it.

To find a job, it is very useful that you know what are the job competencies and skills that companies most request.

According to OCC Mundial, the seven job competencies and skills that can favorably impress the human resources areas of companies are:

1. Have an ability to think analytically and novel

The analysis of information and the handling of logic are basic to solve problems and situations at work. Your creativity helps you develop new ideas and find solutions when you need it.

2. Develop your technological sensitivity

You must have the sensitivity to adapt to technologies, even if their evolution process continues.

3. Develop active learning strategies

It is important that you expand and develop your understanding of the new information.

4. Take the initiative

Try to anticipate the activities that you must carry out, attend to the pending tasks in a timely manner and turn ideas into actions, carry them out in advance. Get ahead of your boss.

5. Be creative and original

Be willing to take on responsibilities and challenges, and always be ready to generate, propose and test new ideas.

6. Formulate and implement programs

A requirement of the world of work for this year is the formulation and implementation of programs, do it.

7. Develop your analytical skills and critical thinking

Your analytical skills will allow you to solve problems, develop that skill that you can apply in various areas. Connect with your environment, try to identify what is happening around you, analyze it, evaluate it and interpret it.

Use logic and reasoning to identify strengths and weaknesses, to find solutions, not just obvious ones, but also propose alternative solutions, or ways to solve problems.

8. Find ways to resolve crisis

Due to the complexity of the job market, organizations will demand professionals who assess and reduce risk proactively, who are assertive and help organizations during difficult times.

If you consider that you should develop some of these job competencies and skills, do so, so that you can update your curriculum vitae with full mastery of what they are now going to ask of you. This way you can become the ideal candidate for the jobs you choose.

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