8 best Netflix series that look like Shtisel

Reflect on other cultures with our list of recommendations.

It is usually presumed to be open-minded, but the reality is that, and much more in these times, it is complicated put yourself in other people’s shoes and other ways of understanding society. If you liked Shtisel, the history of an ultra-Orthodox community quite radical in its approaches, you may want to take a look at other types of companies, some fictionalized and others real, and, in this way, find out everything that separates us, but what it also unites us.

Shtisel is a boost to foreign productions for Netflix.

In the next selection of television series, as in this list where we recommended dramas in a similar vein to Anne With an E, you will see how our world encompasses so many cultures, that you will need hours, days, months and years to discover them completely.

Series similar to Shtisel, the best alternatives

Whether you want to know how the societies in other countries, in the series The Bengums of Bombay, as if you wanted to discover the hollywood secrets or are you willing to travel the nordic culture through a mysterious crime, in The Valhalla Murders, we have the perfect series for you.

The Bengums of BombayHollywoodThe Valhalla MurdersKalifatA self-made womanWe met in IstanbulDisplacedUnorthodox

The bengums of Bombay

We moved to the majestic and populated city of Bombay to know the history of five women, from different spectra of society, who seek to show their heads in a society that promises fulfill your dreams, despite the fact that the task is not easy at all. Through their different points of view, often entangled, we will be able to discover a little more about what it means to be a woman in India.

Year: 2021 Seasons: 1 Chapters: 6 Average duration: 50 minutes


We might believe that we know all about the cinema mecca, at least those of us who love the seventh art, but, once again, Ryan murphy, the creator of anthological series such as American horror story or American Crime Story, offers us an alternative vision of the Hollywood of the 40s and 50s, after the Second World War, where actors and filmmakers they were looking to make their dreams come true.

Year: 2020Seasons: 1Chapters: 7Average duration: 50 minutes

The Valhalla Murders

Maybe a series of mysteries and murders don’t think I’m going to tell you anything about a country or a culture, but if they stand out for something in the north Europe it’s for knowing how to count police stories in a sober and realistic way. On this occasion, we will track down a policeman who must unravel a mysterious crime, and the serial killer on duty, and the relationship that unites him with an enigmatic photograph.

Year: 2019Seasons: 1Chapters: 8Average duration: 45 minutes


It might seem that Sweden and Syria have no apparent relationship, but this television series proves that there is a connection, macabre where there is, since we will get fully into a plot who is concocting a possible terrorist attack on Swedish soil, having the dangerous ISIS as an organization pulling the strings.

Year: 2020Seasons: 1Chapters: 8Average duration: 45 minutes

A self-made woman

The American producers they love to pick up key figures in its history, although this is somewhat less known, and elevate them in movies and series. This time, in a play based on real events, we can discover the story of Sarah, a african american woman that out of nothing built a empire around the beauty products and it ended up being billionaire.

Year: 2020 Seasons: 1 Chapters: 4 Average duration: 50 minutes

We met in Istanbul

We travel to one of the most fascinating cities in the world, Istanbul, and we contemplate a story that involves various characters of the city, different, disparate and with concerns and fears of the environment and the time that they have lived, but that end up finding a common place to expose their curiosities and wishes.

Year: 2020Seasons: 1Chapters: 8Average duration: 50 minutes


The Oscar winner, and admirable, Cate blanchett starring and directing a drama focused on immigrants that reach Australian soil. This series will show us, in a crude way, how the lives of a escaped woman, a refugee without any fear, a official of the state and a family Guy with certain problems, all of them located in a detention center of the country of Oceania.

Year: 2020Seasons: 1Chapters: 6Average duration: 50 minutes


Finally, and almost as a mandatory recommendation, we wanted to talk to you about this series, which share social group and protagonist, the wonderful Shiura Haas, and who tells us about how a religious group such as the orthodox jews They also have among their ranks people who are not completely convinced of their methods and their faith, as this is attested. Esty, who will abandon his family in New York for a trip to the other side of the Atlantic, landing at Berlin and looking to start a new life.

Year: 2020 Seasons: 1 Chapters: 4 Average duration: 50 minutes

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