7,500 vaccinated toilets will have free entry

There will be an audience in the Super bowl. The NFL has confirmed that fans will be able to attend the most important game of the year to be held next Sunday, February 7 at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. In total, a total of 22,000 fans will be able to enter, of which 7,500 will be vaccinated toilets who will have free entry.

In recent days, the feeling that the Super bowl It could be open to the public and the NFL has sent a message of enthusiasm to the world after confirming that it will open to fans the Raymond James of Tampa in what is considered the most important game of the year in the United States and one of the most watched in all planet Earth. For this reason, the American organization decided that a part of the fans can witness one of the biggest shows of the year live.

In total there will be in the stands of the Tampa stadium a total of 22,000 followers. Of them, 7,500 will be health workers who have fought against the pandemic and for this heroic act they will have free admission. The only condition is that they are vaccinated next Sunday, February 7. The rest 14,500 they will be fans of the finalist teams, which will be settled in the coming weeks.

“These dedicated healthcare workers continue to put their own lives at risk to serve others, and we owe them our continued gratitude. We hope in some way that this initiative inspires our country and recognizes these true American heroes, “he reported. Roger goodwell, commissioner of the NFL. “This is also an opportunity to promote the importance of vaccination and good health practices, including the use of masks in public settings,” he concluded.

This is a historic measure in the United States that could be a turning point for the holding of major events in different sports, such as the Champions League or the Copa del Rey final in Spain that Real Sociedad and Real Sociedad would have to play. Athletic Club on April 4 at La Cartuja.