75% of the elderly in the United States have already received the vaccine

At least 41 million people over 65 have already received the coronavirus vaccine, that is equivalent to 75% of the total elderly. 55% of them have already received both doses, that is, they are fully immunized according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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Vermont is the state with the most elderly people who have received the coronavirus vaccine, the first dose was applied to 88.9% of all its elderly residents, because they were prioritized without determining other risk groups.

It is followed by the states of South Dakota, Connecticut, Maine and Rhode Island, which have already immunized more than 84%. New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Kansas, Iowa, Delaware and Wisconsin applied the drug to more than 80% of their elders.

Meanwhile, 63.7% of those over 65 in Hawaii have received the vaccineIt is the state with the least vaccinated elderly and it is because they opened the campaign later than the rest. Most regions of the country allowed the elderly to receive the vaccine before the general public and the decision is based on their high risk of getting sick.

The states established their rules

Each state set its rules for the eligibility of people and their level of coverage. For example, in Florida everyone over the age of 65 was allowed to register at the end of December and this overwhelmed the vaccination centers. At the beginning they managed to have the highest vaccination rate in the territory.

By May, all states will have to eliminate their eligibility rules, releasing vaccines to everyone who wants them. The elderly currently represent 40% of the US population that has already been inoculated.

The United States government has broken a new daily record applying more than 4 million doses of coronavirus vaccines on Friday, reported White House COVID-19 data director Cyrus Shahpar.

Shahpar also said it is the first time that an average of 3 million doses a day has been administered in the past week.