71st Berlinale – What Do We See When We Look at the Sky? Coincidences are trustworthy

Alexandre Koberidze is a poet in the world of cinema. His precision with language, both in words and in images, floods his latest film with magic, presented in the Competition section of the Berlinale: Being able to enjoy one of his stories is simply a gift.

The Georgian director, who studied directing at the Berlin film school DFFB, tells us a story of love at first sight: Two people crossing each other. Sometimes no more is needed. But at the same time that this happens, an evil eye bewitches them so that they cannot meet again.

The magical world is located in the Georgian city of Kutaisi, full of children, dogs and football. If it weren’t for the fact that we have been told about the curse, we would not differentiate their reality from ours at all. In fact, most of the story is told by the narrator: Alexandre Koberidze, nostalgic for silent movies, likes to shoot films that maintain the essence of the origins of the seventh art. In this way, music, the result of the pleasant collaboration with his brother Giorgi Koberidze, becomes yet another protagonist of the story, and helps him shape his particular style. This is characterized, in turn, by leaving space for privacy to the characters and by not necessarily showing the viewer their emotional reactions, which would be predictable.

This is how Alexandre Koberidze shows, apart from his personal path as a director, his respect for the things that must be experienced alone and for everything that is inexplicable: those forces, good and bad, that we sometimes feel in the middle of our daily world. materialistic. Do they exist when we believe in them? Is reality as we see it through our eyes? Can love change two people?

On ‘What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?‘There is also talk of cinema: a long and difficult process, but when it goes well it can reveal truths that were invisible to the eyes of the people. For those revelations, and for that magic with which it influences our lives: Thank you.

by Aina Riu


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