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The franchise of resident Evil It has once again been kept between the eyes of zombie fans. During these last two years, the arrival of Resident Evil 2 Remake has marked the rebound of the series in a certain sense.

Capcom It has maintained a controversial profile in relation to the franchise baptized by themselves under the survival-horror genre, due to the inclusion of multiple weapons and the focus on more a festival of bullets breaking with tension.

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Not everything has been rosy for the Japanese company, and it now celebrates seven years since the launch of Revelations, originally released for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

Synopsis: The game takes players back to the events between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, in which the whole truth about the virus is revealed. T-Abyss. Featured characters in the series Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield They star in this Resident Evil Revelations, along with their BSAA partners Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat.

The title holds one of the last places on the franchise’s general sales list, according to an official list published by Capcom in 2012, where it positioned itself with 1.9 million sales in thirteenth place.

Resident Evil sales listing

Resident Evil 5 – 11M
Resident Evil 6 – 8.8M
Resident Evil 4 – 7.3M
Resident Evil 7 – 6.1M
Resident Evil – 5M
Resident Evil 2 – 4.9M
Resident Evil Remake – 3.6M
Resident Evil 3 – 3.5M
Resident Evil 0 – 3.3M
Resident Evil CV – 2.5M
Resident Evil ORC – 2.5M
Resident Evil Revelations 2 – 2.4M
Resident Evil Revelations – 1.9M
Resident Evil Outbreak – 1.4M
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles – 1.3M

You can relive the gameplay trailer below:

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