7 ways to strengthen your immune system naturally

Our immune system can be strengthened and benefited if we incorporate certain activities and habits into our routine, like getting enough sleep, eating more healthy fats, limiting added sugars, exercising moderately, and others according to Healthline.

The important and attractive thing about all these resources is that keep us from concentrating on drugs, allowing us to have a more active role in the development of our well-being and health in general.

1. Get enough sleep

There is a very close relationship between rest and the body’s immune function, a poor quality of sleep negatively influences the body’s natural defenses since if there is no rest, the immune function does not have the time necessary to regenerate properly.

Get enough sleepA good rest is very important so that all the functions of the immune system are regenerated. Photo: Shutterstock

2. Eat more healthy fats

Healthy fats help strengthen natural defenses because they reduce inflammation in the body, which affects its defensive abilities when it becomes chronic.

Olive oil and salmon are two very important sources of healthy fats that can be very helpful.

3. Eat more fermented foods or take prebiotic supplements

Fermented foods are very rich in bacteria beneficial to the human body, prebiotics, which are some that occupy the digestive tract.

Studies indicate that a nourished network of prebiotics supports the body’s immune function, specifically by making it easier for immune cells to differentiate between normal cells, harmful cells, and healthy cells.

4. Limit added sugars

Added sugars and refined carbohydrates increase the risk of obesity. Obesity, in turn, lowers the body’s natural defenses, so limiting the absorption of added sugars could help stabilize immune function.

On the other hand, limiting your intake of added sugars also lowers your risk of type II diabetes and heart disease, conditions that also affect immune function.

5. Perform moderate exercise

You don’t have to do a very demanding exercise routine for your immune system to get stronger, you just have to exert enough effort to allow your body to deflate a bit and let the immune cells act.

6. Stay hydrated

Hydration doesn’t help immune function much, but it does prevent dehydration, which considerably affects the body’s defensive capabilities against bacteria, viruses, and pathogens in general.

7. Properly manage stress levels

Managing stress and anxiety is a great way to stabilize and strengthen the immune system since it is well known that prolonged stress promotes inflammation of the body, which diminishes its defensive capacities.

All of these ways are accessible and easy to apply in our lives if we are disciplined and attentive enough. This will bring us benefits at the level of the immune system, but also will be useful to reach a state of integral Health.

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