7 tips to take an amazing photo on iPhone and Android

To get a high-quality photograph, you don’t need a professional camera, nor do you need to know how to edit too much using complex programs. You just have to follow these 7 tips to take an amazing photo on iPhone and Android.

Tips for taking good photos on iPhone

Even though it may seem easy. Taking a good photo on iPhone or Android is not exactly easy. We must take many things into account if we want to avoid as much as possible having to process the image with a photo editing program.

For this reason, we have made the decision to give you these 7 tips to take an incredible photo on iPhone and Android. Follow these tips to the letter and you will get a high quality image.

Choose good lighting

Obviously one of the first things that you should be very clear when taking pictures is the lighting. If you don’t have good light, it doesn’t really matter what you do, you can never get a perfect photo. You can let the sun shine, some artificial light, even a nearby fire, sunset, whatever.

Shoot from many different angles

Never take a single photograph, much less from a boring, straight, monotonous angle. We must be as original as possible so we are going to take pictures from all possible angles, sometimes several photos from the same angle. Everything is digital so we are not losing anything. It is a good idea for best results, you must like some of all the photos taken.

Avoid zooming whenever possible

Zooming in to take a picture is not the best option. Unlike professional cameras that have optical zoom to take a photo, most mobile phones use digital zoom. The problem is that this digital zoom worsens the image quality. Possibly from the same phone it is not noticeable by the small screen, but if you pass it to a computer or television, you will notice the details.

Using the rule of thirds

Either on an Android phone or iPhone, what we can use is to use the 3 × 3 photo grid. Then we will have to place the target in the 1/3 position both vertically and horizontally. In this way we make the photos look harmonious and above all balanced. Never put the lens in the center of the photograph, in this way the only thing you will achieve is to lose naturalness.

Don’t stray too far from the target

We have to make sure that the minimum distance from the camera to the lens is 90cm to 1.2m. In this way the lens will not be too small, but not too large and a very harmonious image will be left.

Avoid flash

The flash should only be used when we have very poor lighting. With a professional camera you shouldn’t have much trouble using the flash. However, it is best to have natural light. It is the best way to get a perfect photograph.

Use another app

There are many applications that allow us to take high-quality photographs and add live filters. While the iPhone and Android apps have filters, they don’t have a large number of them and they aren’t the best. In addition, there are apps that have more options, not just filters. That will allow us to improve the quality of the photo while we take it.

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