It is one of the recurring strategies in cinema.

It is said that the first time it was used was in 1945, with the actress Joan Crawford as the protagonist of it.

Various cult tapes have used this advertising strategy, setting trends throughout the history of cinema.

Legend has it that the first time product placement (brand placement in Spanish) was used in the cinema was on the tape Alma in torture of 1945, starring the great actress Joan Crawford, one of the great lights of Hollywood. In one of the most memorable scenes of this production, the actress expressly requests a Jack Daniel´s Bourbon Whiskey. This is how product placement was born and the way of advertising turned around.

From this fact, the cinema has been a constant space to advertise products and services that appear in an incidental way in certain scenes. The characters drink a certain drink, wear a special brand, eat a certain food, and drive a car with a popular lake for the audience.

It is a bold strategy that achieves the goal of not only reaching large audiences but creating closeness with it. Below are some examples of product placement in the cinema to know what we mean by this term.

In the French film Intocable, it is advertised in various scenes of Maserati luxury cars, offering scenes where this car displays all its beauty and power.

Tom Hanks In his famous role as a castaway, he revealed a FedEx courier envelope … in the same film, the actor also refers to Wilson balls, one of the most famous sports brands in the United States.

In the science fiction film Terminator, a neon Pepsi advertisement can be seen behind Arnold Schwarzenegger’s back when he walks into a bar, offering a bit of color in that kind of canteen full of bikers and gangsters.

How not to remember Rocky Balboa running through the streets of Philadelphia clad in his old gray pants and shoes with his Converse sneakers preparing for his battle against Apollo Creed on the Rocky tape. Back then, Converse sneakers were not as famous as they are today.

Again Tom Hanks reappears in this account of product placement in the movie Forrest Gump where he is wearing Nike sneakers.

Wayne´s World

This film, which became a symbol of comedy and nerdy pop and musical culture, is an avalanche of product placement led by the appearance of the Pepsi drink.

Reese’s made juicy profits when his product was featured in Steven Spielberg’s ET The Extraterrestrial. In fact, the director initially wanted the famous M & Ms to come out, however, the brand refused to appear and left the field open to the Reese’s, who saw their profits rise 65 percent. after coming out in this famous movie that became a symbol of the 1980s.

The objective of the products to come out is not only for a brand to advertise, but behind it there is a financing agreement for expensive productions that need large inflows of money to correct expenses. It was in the 1990s when this term and technique became popular and from there a recurring strategy has been made both in the cinema and in television series.

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