If you are fans of Dragon Ball, you are probably very familiar with the feeling of adrenaline that feels when two characters in the series are about to merge. Seeing the best warriors in the world share body and strength can be amazing, but the Fusion is one of the most complex and powerful techniques of the Warriors Z and mastering it requires a lot of concentration. If successful, the Fusion You can turn a fight in the blink of an eye, but bringing two bodies together at the same energy level is by no means easy and it is no wonder that those who have dared to try their luck by merging together have not always achieved the result. expected. To give you an idea of ​​its complexity, today we will talk about 7 times Dragon Ball mergers failed.

Merging has not always been the Z Warriors’ best idea.

Gogeta Super Saiyan 4

At the end of Dragon Ball GT, Goku and Vegeta are forced to merge in order to face the 1 Star Dragon, also known as Omega shenron. Such was the power of this enemy that the Z Warriors decide to perform the fusion with all their power deployed, so they join transformed into Super Saiyan 4. Goku and Vegeta perfectly coordinated their movements and the fusion itself was a complete success as far as form is concerned, resulting in Gogeta Super Saiyan 4, but was not effective in defeating the Dragon. Gogeta looked so superior to his enemy in combat that he wasted his energy with absurd and bluster attacks, so the time for the merger came to an end and Goku and Vegeta’s bodies parted without being able to defeat the 1 Star Dragon that He was finally defeated by the classic Goku Genkidama.

Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 faced Omega Senron without much success in Dragon Ball GT.

Fat and slim gotenks

As we will see next, Goten and Trunks are not very good at merging. The first time they did so was to confront the monster Boo in Dragon Ball Z, but before going into combat they had to rehearse the fusion technique a lot because they could not coordinate their movements. On his first attempt, Trunks was wrong to extend his fingers and the result was a fat version of Gotenks that he could hardly breathe after a short run. Seeing that this was not working, they decided to wait for the melting time to run out before trying again. In that second attempt, it was Goten who was wrong in the choreography and the result was the reverse: A Gotenks slim with the respiratory capacity of an old man. At last, the third was defeated and the final Gotenks could go to fight Boo.

If the fight against Majin Boo had depended on these versions of Gotenks …

Gotenks vs. Boo

The actual merger between Goten and Trunks is one of the most spectacular we saw in all of Dragon Ball Z, but also one of the worst executed. The youth of these two characters was the trigger for the failure of Gotenks vs. Boo on the two occasions they met. The first time, with Majin Boo fat, Gotenks’ attacks infuriated the monster, who racked up all of his power to bring about a tremendous beating of the fused boys. Later, already against the second form of Boo, Goten and Trunks decided to merge again but in Super Saiyan 3Although this version of Gotenks did not succeed either and ended up being absorbed by the villain.

Gotenks SS3 is one of our favorite fusions, but its lack of experience was noted.

Gotenks vs. Bills

The introduction of the God of Destruction seemed like an ideal opportunity for Gotenks to redeem himself from his defeats against Boo, but the fusion between the children of Goku and Vegeta failed again. Bills brazenly humiliated Gotenks, and in different ways, too. And, the confrontation between these three characters has three different endings depending on the version we see. On the one hand, in the movie The Battle of the Gods, Bills ends up spanking Gotenks repeatedly in the ass until he loses Super Saiyan 3 status and is defeated. On the other, in the anime version of the confrontation Dragon ball super, Bills defeats Gotenks with sardinets in the arm. And finally, in the manga, when Gotenks Super Saiyan 3 attacks Bills, he throws him into the sea with a single hit effortlessly.

Can there be anything more humiliating for Gotenks?


Dragon Ball Super allowed us to see the first super saiyan women of the series created by Akira Toriyama and, in addition, enjoy them fused. Kefla is the name given to the merger that Kale and Caulifla They made to fight Goku and the result could not be more satisfactory at first. Kefla had Goku dominated during their confrontation, but what was not expected is that his punches would awaken the Ultra Instinct of his rival, who turned the situation around in the blink of an eye thanks to his new transformation and a spectacular movement with which he slipped on Kefla’s ki attack using a Kame Hame Ha like Tony Hawk. A combat that we can relive now in Dragon Ball FighterZ thanks to the arrival of Goku Ultra Instinct to the title.

Kefla could not do anything against the most spectacular Kame Hame Ha of Goku Ultra Instinct.

Vegetto Super Saiyan Blue

When Goku and Vegeta take out the Pothala earrings We know that great things are coming thanks to their fusion in Vegetto, but against Zamas their union with these objects was not at all effective. The fact of merging transformed into Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan It made Vegetto’s ki consumption too high this time around and when he was about to deliver the coup de grace to his Dragon Ball Super enemy, Goku and Vegeta parted due to exhaustion and Zamas turned the situation around. And it is that, although the fusion grants great power, it is necessary to manage it well to succeed and that is something that Vegetto Super Saiyan Blue did not know how to do this time.

Goku and Vegeta did not control ki consumption by merging into Vegetto Super Saiyan Blue.


The mergers between Goku and Vegeta They are the most anticipated by any Dragon Ball fan when these warriors face high-powered rivals. But as we have already seen, they have not always turned out well. Possibly the worst time our friends have gotten when joining their bodies outside when they tried Fusion movie. There, Goku and Vegeta faced each other with Janemba and they had to merge to have a chance against him. Unfortunately, Vegeta was confused in the choreography of the merger and the union resulted in Veku, a small and chubby version of the union of our heroes. His combat level was so low that Veku could do nothing but try to run away and hide from Janemba until the time for the merger ran out.

Bad idea to face Janemba being Veku the result of the merger.

So far our review of the mergers that failed in Dragon Ball. Of course, there is some other time when the Fusion technique did not go as well as expected and therefore we invite you to tell us which failed mergers caught your attention. For this we have made available to all fans of the work of Akira Toriyama a comment section a little further down in this article.

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