7 things about Antonella Roccuzzo that you might not know!

7 things about Antonella Roccuzzo that you might not know! (Instagram)

7 things about Antonella Roccuzzo that you might not know! | Instagram

In a short time, Antonella Roccuzzo’s name became a trend, largely thanks to her husband Lionel messi The soccer player from Argentina, the now fitness model attracts more and more Internet users attention every day, that is why we present you 7 things that you may not have known about her.

Quickly Antonella Roccuzzo She began to have millions of followers on Instagram, not only because of her husband’s fame but she herself managed to win the affection of her fans because she has a personality that has fascinated many.

A few months ago on February 8, 2020, a video was shared on YouTube on the Alda Tuiran channel – universe of cracks, where he shares 7 things about the wife of “La flega” as they know Leo Messi, surely you will be interested in meeting detail these aspects about Antonella Roccuzzo who today is a celebrity like her husband.


#Antonella Roccuzzo, #Messi woman, reinvents herself: from the closure of her shoe store to a ‘fitness’ model on the net, THESE AND OTHER CURIOSITIES IN THIS VIDEO “, description of the video.

Among the comments, we find that some Internet users give other details about the life of Antonella Clarifying that her family was from the upper middle class and others that are only to clarify certain points that the youtuber shared in his video, then we will list the content of it.



The beautiful model and businesswoman like her husband loves tattoos, only Antonella Roccuzzo’s are smaller than her husband’s, in total she has five.

On one of her wrists she has a butterfly that means freedom, on her hands she has the names of her three sons Thiago, Mateo and Ciro written on her hands, the last design is a queen’s crown on her arm, a design that she shares with her husband Lionel Messi who also has one the same and in the same place.


Physical change

Before becoming the wife of Lionel Messi, the Argentine-born model looked a little different from what she looks like today, there are those who say she underwent certain aesthetic adjustments, it is a subject that despite being something of the most normal some people continue to criticize those who undergo this type of physical enhancement


Failed company

Having millions of economic income, Antonella Roccuzzo’s husband decided to start a company for her, which he did together with a friend they launched a shoe store called “Zarkany”, however it did not have the success they wanted and they ended up closing it, it was a loss of 200 thousand dollars .


Friend of Georgina Rodríguez

Perhaps for marketing reasons there has been an alleged rivalry between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, however their wives apparently get the best of it, both follow each other on Instagram and also react to the content they share.


Love before Messi

The love story between Antonella Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi is known to be very old, however there was a time when the player had to move to Europe to train, he and his now wife remained as friends, later the model became a girlfriend with a young man whose name is unknown but when Messi returned to his native Argentina Antonella left this young man for his true love.


Fitness Model

After her time as a businesswoman Antonella Roccuzzo became a fitness model, today she has a contract with the renowned brand Adidas, and thanks to her more than 12 million followers every day that passes she becomes more followers, constantly promoting her fitness content .


Family life

Antonella Roccuzzo loves spending time with her family, we have constantly seen her enjoy the company of her husband and her three children, apparently she adores the simplest things like going to the movies, taking a car ride or enjoying an afternoon in a pool , is really a simple woman who enjoys the small pleasures of life.