Anemia is a clinical sign that can appear when there is a chronic disease, a lack of vitamins, a poor diet or a constant loss of blood. Know its main symptoms.

According to the United States National Health Library, anemia is a condition in which the body does not have enough healthy red blood cells, the most common cells in the blood, whose function is to transport oxygen to all the body’s tissues.

Unlike what we usually believe, it is not a disease in itself, but a clinical sign that can often expose a chronic disease or infection, lack of vitamins, iron, or poor diet.

This deficiency affects about 30% of the world population and its most common manifestation is iron deficiency anemia, that is, anemia caused by an iron deficiency.

Although there are different types of anemia, they all have in common a deficiency of healthy red blood cells and, therefore, they share some specific symptoms that may alert them to their presence in the body:

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Symptoms of anemia

Constant weakness

The main symptom of anemia is feeling extremely weak, without strength to carry out common physical activities that in normal conditions do not involve a greater effort. You are also likely to experience intense fatigue, especially after exercising.


Although it is a non-specific symptom, when constant headache does not have an identified cause related to stress, lack of sleep, or consumption of food or drinks, it is likely related to anemia.

Numbness of hands and feet

Tingling sensations in the extremities may be a first symptom of anemia, especially on the tips of the fingers and toes. At the same time, feeling cold extremities may be one more sign of this condition.

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Pale skin

Suddenly showing pale skin and keeping it that way for a few days may be indicative of anemia. The reduction of red blood cells directly impacts hemoglobin and this in the skin tone. Paleness may be a first symptom of suspicion of anemia on physical examination.

Brittle nails

Nails that break very easily even if they are not long, or break even without contact may be due to external causes, but when they are accompanied by any of the symptoms on this list, they are a common symptom of anemia.


Dizziness related to anemia usually occurs when standing up, immediately after waking up, or after a few hours without eating. If they are accompanied by lightheadedness or weakness, the likelihood that they are caused by this condition increases.

Blue sclera

The outer membrane of the eyes that surrounds the pupil and the iris should be completely white, but in severe cases of anemia, this region can take on a blue hue. This symptom is distinctive on physical exams that something is wrong.

If you have any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to go to the doctor to receive the necessary guidance and a diagnosis to know the origin of this condition.

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