7 recent series to watch to keep up to date

We recommend a few recent series from Netflix, HBO, Movistar +, Amazon Prime Video and more that are already counted among the best of the season. Our ranking: The best series of 2021.

These days, series come and go with shocking speed, but only a few are really worth it. Each one, according to their tastes and interests, has the last word to decide which are the best, the most intense, the most fun or the most surprising of the season, but In this list of recent recommended series that we propose, the margin of error is minimal. And above there are options that you can find in the main platforms of our country (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Movistar +, Disney +, Apple TV + and Filmin) and that respond to any seriofile craving with which you have gotten out of bed: from hilarious comedies that nail every joke to criminal dramas that have you on the edge of the sofa, from animated series that defy the conventions of their genres to mazes narratives that leave us jaw-dropping, from historical portraits made with a good (very good) hand to deeply human stories that explore the essential.

We talk about series like the Spanish one ‘The innocent‘, based on a novel by Harlan coben and that it has become one of the most followed puzzles of the season thanks to the suspense provided by the images of Oriol Paulo and the forceful interpretations of Mario Casas Y Alexandra Jimenez. Although for Spanish fictions that shine with their own light there is the recently released ‘The kings of the night‘, which will make us long for the golden years of radio with an intense and rewarding rivalry. Hence, we do not stop recommending great jewels released in recent weeks, such as the animated ones’Invincible (Invincible)‘ Y ‘Star Wars: The Bad Consignment‘, which provide their original version of the superhero worlds and the galactic universes, respectively. And we do not forget less showy versions like the Canadian one ‘Fragile‘, the tense’Mare of Easttown‘or the hilarious’Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet‘.

If you need more arguments to play these series right now, which are already among the best of the year, here we go over them one by one to put the honey on your lips. All you need to know to decide that, yes, are the recent series that cannot be missing from your list.

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Mare of Easttown (Miniseries)

Surely you’ve seen many crime dramas in the style of ‘Mare of Easttown’, but the know-how of the creators and an Oscar-winning actress to play the best possible lead are elements that make the difference. The HBO series led by Kate winslet It is a model suspense: there is a murder shrouded in mystery, a detective with family problems who must solve it and lots of script twists along the way to the tremendous finale. ‘Mare’ wins in its most imperceptible details and in gold secondaries like Jean Smart Y Evan Peters, and at the same time it gives us exactly what we have come to look for in the genre.

It is available on HBO Spain

Invincible (Season 1)

If you have not yet reached your limit of superhero stories, and even if you are up to your hat, we recommend that you give ‘Invincible’ a try. The new animated series from Amazon Prime Video is a festival of violence, blood and fast-paced scenes, with a story that follows a 17-year-old who inherits his father’s superpowers and fights alongside him to save the world. But behind this premise there are many mysteries, revelations and betrayals that have us in suspense until the spectacular end of the first season. There are already two more seasons confirmed and on the way, so you can start to catch up and enjoy one of the most impressive series of the year.

It is available on Amazon Prime Video

The Innocent (Miniseries)

A series that breaks your head? Done: ‘The innocent’ is Netflix’s new obsession. It cannot be described in any other way. Directed by Oriol Paulo and based on a novel by Harlan coben, the series follows Mat (Mario Casas), a shy young man who is sentenced to four years in prison for accidentally killing another boy. On the way out, he rebuilds his life with his girlfriend Olivia (Aura Garrido), but suddenly the protagonist jumps to a police detective (Alexandra Jimenez) investigating the possible suicide of the nun Emma (Juana acosta). How are these two narrative lines connected? Find out episode by episode. If you have already finished it and you have doubts, do not miss our explained ending.

It is available on Netflix

The Kings of the Night (Miniseries)

The most recent on the list arrived this Friday, but it has automatically become one of the great Spanish series of the year. ‘The kings of the night’ takes us to the exciting radio world of the 80s and 90s, a golden age in particular for Spanish sports radio. The story follows Francisco Javier Maldonado, alias Paco el Cóndor (Javier Gutierrez), admired by listeners, feared by players and hated by club presidents. However, his reign is threatened by a new rival. With Miki Esparbé and Itsaso Arana in the cast, it’s a fantastic series.

It is available in Movistar +

The Bad Consignment (Season 1)

‘The Mandalorian’ showed that by star wars universe he has many stories to tell. Although the fans of his animated series were already clear on that. The latest example of this is ‘The Bad Remittance’, created by Dave Filoni, which continues the animated legacy of the acclaimed ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ with this mix of sequel and ‘spin-off’ that follows five elite clones. Hunter, Echo, Tech, Wrecker and Crosshair try to find their place in the galaxy and promise many adventures in the form of fights, shootings and space missions.

It’s available on Disney +

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet (Season 2)

Without making a lot of noise, Apple TV + is becoming one of the streaming platforms with the best content, from the award-winning comedy ‘Ted Lasso’ to the extremely interesting ‘For all humanity’ or ‘Dickinson’. But the one we come to recommend has just premiered its second season, which confirms it as a little gem yet to be discovered: created by Rob McElhenney, Charlie day Y Megan ganz, ‘Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet’, with that quirky title, is a comedy about a group of developers who have created one of the most popular video games of the moment, and who have to overcome the obstacles and levels that the day imposes on them. day at the office.

It’s available on Apple TV +

Fragile (Season 1)

If you are looking for something different and away from the more ‘mainstream’ series, Filmin always has a perfect option. In this case it is ‘Fragile’, a Canadian series that follows the friendship between two very different men. They are Dominic, who comes from a middle-class family where some unspeakable secrets weigh in, and Félix, who, although he grew up in a more gentrified environment, has spent a few years in jail and has trouble getting his life back on track. Despite their friendship, their family’s interests collide after a tragic event.

It is available in Filmin

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