7 reasons to have one

Health care is essential and has become more accentuated in recent months due to the pandemic. There is a variety of insurances in this area, some focus on general aspects and others are aimed at different populations. In the case of women, the market offers a range of different plans.

It is important that women have health insurance, in Mexico some cannot access one due to various factors from the economy, lack of information, etc. However, if you are a woman you should consider investing in a policy of this type since we are all prone to a disease.

Some plans provide care during pregnancy. Photo: Pixabay

Here we will tell you some reasons why it is convenient to take out health insurance, especially because its purpose is to take care of your personal finances in an emergency of this type.

1.You will have preventive medical check-ups

There are several insurances that have clinical studies with the purpose of preventing disease, for example general laboratory tests to review the most basic things such as blood count.

2. A quality service is offered

The medical staff as well as the hospitals where the service is provided has quality in all aspects, and they are also certified.

3. Timely diagnosis

The insurances grant different discounts in the prevention of illnesses, for example, mammograms, colposcopy, papanicolaou, among others.

4. Consultations in specialties at a lower price

This varies to the health insurance you contract, but you can have up to 50% in consultations with gynecologists as well as other specialists.

5. Delivery or cesarean section

Some insurances cover this type of care, everything depends on the plan you hire, you must also take into account the periods stipulated in the policy to make use of this service, in some it is also attended in case of any complication in pregnancy.

6. Some cover diseases like cancer

Breast cancer is the most common in women, some insurance covers the costs of this disease, you just have to consider the time indicated to make use of this benefit.

7. Gynecological consultations

It is recommended for women to attend a gynecological check-up once a year to do a basic check-up. But there are also other diseases that require constant attention from the specialist.

These are some of the reasons why it is convenient to have health insurance, before hiring one, analyze the benefits it offers you and compare them with others so that you can make a choice according to your needs.

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