We are in the age of apps, those little tools that have come to offer us access to an unlimited universe of knowledge with a few clicks. There are apps of all types, but here we will talk about those that due to their characteristics and functions are very useful for leaders of all kinds. All of them have a very diverse function to each other and are special because they are designed to solve very particular needs.

Today, technology has the great power to help us better plan our days, follow up on our projects and access much more immediate and practical knowledge. Get to know the following apps and access all the enormous possibilities that each of them has.

Do it tomorrow
It is a fairly friendly app that helps you make small notes dividing the urgent things from those that can wait until tomorrow. It also has the appeal that the notes appear to be handwritten, which gives it a rather friendly character.

If you like to read, but you don’t have time to do it during the week, then this app is what you need: Pocket helps you save the texts that you find on the internet so that you can read them calmly in your free time. In this way, you make a small library that you can consult when your times are best suited to it.

It is an app that allows you to manage your projects and know what state they are in. That is, it helps you to carry a kind of agenda so that they do not lose detail of anything. As a project leader it is vital that you know how the processes are progressing in it.

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Map my Fitness
A leader should never forget that exercise is vital to maintaining not only a healthy body but an alert and alert mind. This app not only helps you keep track of your exercise routines, but even suggests activities. It also helps you find areas to exercise anywhere in the world.

Today, learning languages ​​is as necessary a task as mastering what you do in your company. It also opens different doors for you to grow your network of contacts and, therefore, the scope of your business. Duoingo helps you learn to speak the language of your choice using easy and innovative methods. You have to try it now.

It is one of the most useful of how many there is, since it is a kind of notepad where you can put fragments of texts from web pages that you liked, images, videos, audio notes and, in general, absolutely all kinds of content that you have seen on the web and that you liked.

And if you want an experience closer to what it is to take notes on a sheet of paper then you should download Paper, an app that allows you to make drawings, erasers, tone notes if you were truly scribbling on a conventional sheet of paper. The most complex tools have an additional cost. This curiosity is worth taking a look at.

Try each one of them and know all their different peculiarities. Your routine will be a different experience when you master them and decide to adopt them as part of your daily tools. Apps are here to stay in today’s world and their benefits are truly amazing.