7 out of 10 Europeans do not see their life without a car


ACD avatar ACD June 25, 2021

The pandemic has made all of us love our car more and it has become indispensable for 7 out of 10 Europeans.

The pandemic has regained vehicle ownership as a priority among citizens. This is one of the main conclusions of the European Automotive Consumer Research 2021 study, carried out by the Automotive Innovation Lab, a consortium in which companies such as Seat, Google, Atremedia, Grupo Antolin or Shackleton are immersed.

All or almost all of us have noticed it. Dependence on the private car has grown during the last year and a half of the pandemic. And is the car a place that drivers have associated with a shelter. “The car has become a kind of nest where people are sheltered from the restrictions and problems of the pandemic. This need for self-care has strengthened society’s relationship with its vehicles ”, the authors of the report declare.

This has led to greater use of it and, as a negative note, it has slowed down the reduction of polluting emissions, something that should be reversed with the popularization of the electric car.

From not wanting a car to needing it

Traffic in Barcelona


And it is that, despite teleworking, a large majority of workers who had to go to work in person, opted for the private vehicle. This trend, according to the study, based on surveys in Germany, Spain, France and the United Kingdom, was more marked in our country.

In this way, according to the research, 47 percent of respondents in the four countries that before the pandemic stated that they did not need a car prefer to have it now and 70 percent cannot imagine their current life without him, which shows the dependency that has been created in Europe.

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But, according to the report, you no longer have to think only about conventional acquisition, purchase. This ownership model is still the most accepted, but 42 percent of respondents said they would be interested in a subscription service (which some brands are already experimenting with), although it depends on the price, one of the key factors.

Regarding the electric car, although the Spanish respondents, along with the French, are the most aware of its usefulness against climate change, they are still perceived as linked to “social status” and with an “aura of luxury” due to its price.

The carsharingAt the same time, it is seen as an option that is also valid for reducing emissions in large cities.

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