With more or less controversy, governments and car manufacturers have put an expiration date on diesel engines. Sooner or later brands will stop making vehicles that use this fuel. Some have already confirmed it. These are the 7 mythical brands that leave diesel forever.

City pollution rates are breaking records month by month, and since this year governments have put pollution quotas on brands. If they exceed the quota they have to pay big fines.

The way to not exceed the limit is Substitute hybrid or electric fuel vehicles. And that is what these seven brands are going to do, which have already set a date for give up diesel permanently, as our colleague Raúl Salinas tells us on TopGear.

The Ford Kuga Hybrid hits the market as a plug-in hybrid alternative. We have thoroughly tested its technology for the ComputerHoy.com Engine Zone.

Alfa Romeo

The legendary Italian brand Alfa Romeo has announced that in 2022 it will stop using diesel engines. It is a manufacturer that will be able to adapt well to electric motors, both in technology and in brand philosophy.


Centered on its urban utilities, Fiat’s move to 100% electric motors makes all the sense in the world. We have already seen it in the new Fiat 500 2020. The final goodbye to diesel will come in 2022.


Although the French multinational has not set a date, it has acknowledged that it will gradually abandon diesel. It won’t be easy because many of its SUVs, minivans and vans work very well with Renault’s diesel engines.


Another luxury brand, Jaguar, which is committed to the coherence added by electricity, less polluting and without engine noise, which fits very well with the values ​​of the British brand.

It only works with hybrid or 100% electric motors.

Land rover

Like Jaguar, Land Rover has also announced a farewell to diesel. Many of their vehicles are already hybrids, but you’ll have a tough time because their massive off-roaders require a powerful engine that won’t be easy to electrify.


For obvious reasons (in Japan diesel is prohibited) Toyota has been one of the first brands to dispose of diesel, betting on hydrogen and electric vehicles.


The Nordic countries are especially sensitive to pollution and care for the environment, so the Swedish manufacturer Volvo no longer makes new models with diesel engines. Only use gasoline or electric. But he is already working to focus only on electricity.