Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the most outstanding philosophers of all time and owner of a mind that knew how to delve into the darkest and most luminous of human beings. His vision of society allowed him to capture in his works a series of maxims, aphorisms and phrases full of devastating truths.

Some of them contain the most sacred vision of life, but also a dose of acid humor that buries all the kindest conceptions of being human. Friedrich Nietzsche analyzed practically everything through his books and his phrases bear witness to this. They contain valuable lessons that will serve as an inspirational guide to your career as an entrepreneur.

« The idea of ​​having my intelligence only for myself distresses me, because it is better to give than to have »: Don’t keep your intelligence and your dreams for yourself. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you will have to start sharing your vision with others to publicize your ability to carry out your greatest ideas.

« You must die proudly when you can no longer live with pride »: When the possibilities of accomplishing something are no longer ideal, you must accept seeing failure as a new opportunity to get up and resume the path you have chosen: to be an entrepreneur.

« I am not a man, I am a battlefield »: If you have made the decision to be an entrepreneur, do not doubt yourself and the quality of your work. You are a battlefield where you fight against the toughest rival of all: yourself.

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« He who has something to live for is able to face all the things »: Is your project so big that you would be willing to give it your all until you see it come true? If you are able to face all the obstacles and solve all your doubts, then you are ready to be an entrepreneur.

« Only he who builds the future has the right to judge the past »: As an entrepreneur you are in charge of building your present, but also your future. Once you have achieved it you will be able to look back and realize that your mistakes and successes helped you build an empire called « Your Dreams ». No one but you can judge what you have done because you have been responsible for your actions and decisions.

“The individual has always fought not to be absorbed by the tribe. If you try, you will often be alone, and sometimes scared. But no price is too high for the privilege of being yourself ”: The entrepreneur is a child of his decisions and mistakes. If you are willing to pay the price of living for your dreams then it means that in the end you will feel proud of what you have accomplished. To be an entrepreneur you have to have a certain cold blood to overcome all the storms that come your way.

« What does not kill you makes you stronger »: Failures are necessary and natural in life. They are in charge of making your entrepreneurial soul something more resistant to the different scenarios of life. Don’t be afraid to fail. Be more afraid of never having tried and of being ecstatic while others did not miss the opportunities.