7 keys to doing physical activity after 40 years

Exercising after 40 is possible and necessary to better deal with the problems of the elderly. To do this, some of the keys to take into account are strength training, finding an exercise partner, and doing yoga.

Feeling good and comfortable with yourself is possible at any age, as Healthline indicates, and it is not an impediment to doing physical activity and leaving sedentary lifestyle behind.

1. Don’t force yourself

You don’t need to exercise every day, or for extended periods of time. Although this does increase the benefits that you can perceive, The idea is not that you force yourself and demand more of yourself than your body is in a position to give..

It is important that you recognize your limits and plan physical activity based on them and not in isolation, so that the routine is the most comfortable for you without sacrificing your well-being to achieve the results you expect.

dumbbellsIt is important to recognize our limits when exercising, so we will avoid injuries. Photo: Shutterstock

2. Add strength training

Strength training after age 40 help maintain strength and muscle mass of the body, reducing the impact that aging has on them.

Since women are more likely than men to develop osteoporosis, strength training is recommended more for them than for men, although both should practice it.

3. Find something you really like

Exercising is easier when we find an exercise or exercise routine that we like to do. Thus we do not perceive it so much as a suffering or an obligation, but as something that we like to do and that gives us pleasure.

4. Vary the exercise

Maintaining the same routine for months ends up being monotonous and boring. To avoid this, heor better is to add new exercises periodically to set new challenges and challenges.

With this we will not only make the routine more fun and dynamic, but we will also have the opportunity to fully exercise the body.

5. Add water exercises

Studies indicate that high intensity exercises under water are quite helpful for bone density and functional fitness in postmenopausal women, which would be quite helpful for postmenopausal or osteoporotic women.

6. Do yoga

Yoga is a excellent way to reduce stress on the body and thus mitigate risks associated with heart disease, and it is also helpful in lowering blood pressure.

7. Adapt your routine according to your condition

We will approach the physical routine in a better way if we take into account our needs and limitations. We have to adapt the routine to ourselves, not we adapt to the routine.

Do not let your age be a limitation to have an active lifestyle, there will always be an exercise that you can do so that you do not immerse yourself in a sedentary lifestyle once you exceed 40 years of life. Your body can deliver even more than it has already done.

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