7 keys to boost your daily walks and help you lose weight

The daily walks They are effective ways to lose weight, and they are much more so if we include certain elements in their development. Some of them can be meditation, fartlek intervals, gradually increasing the pace of the walk, adding stairs, doing circuits, among others.

According to the Healthline portal, walks have become popular exercises when it comes to losing weight thanks to its accessibility and its simplicity compared to other more demanding exercises, so it is an activity liked by those who do not have much experience in the world. of fitness.

1. Add weight

Adding some weight to your walks will be an extra element that will contribute to the physical demand that exercise will place on you.

You don’t need to hold very heavy dumbbells, Any object that demands some effort should be enough to improve the results of the walk.

2. Make circuits

Converting your linear walks into circuits could increase your level of fitness by making you repeat efforts a few times within a specified period of time, which is more effective the longer the routine is.

3. Walk with a friend

Walking with a friend is a great way to exercise because their company will make the walk more bearable., which will reduce the wear and tear that you perceive from it.

On the other hand, if you are a competitive person, you probably want to outperform your friend and go further, or stay in better shape during the walk.

4. Use meditation

Depending on where and when you walk, you can turn the walk into a meditation exercise, which is not bad at all if you consider that meditation can regulate inflammation in the body, lower blood pressure, among other health benefits.

train on stairsClimbing stairs and varying the pace will allow you to optimize the effort for a greater calorie burn. Photo: Shutterstock

5. Includes Fartlek intervals

Fartlek intervals are time lapses based on alternating between fast and slow rhythms. They are a type of high intensity interval training (HIIT), which allow you to achieve important results in short periods of time.

6. Increase the pace gradually

Nothing better than raising the difficulty as your body asks you to. Staying stuck at one level for too long takes the fun out of exercise, and prevents you from progressing properly.

7. Add stairs

Going down and climbing stairs is proven to have a positive impact on health, being an action that contributes in its own way in reducing the risk associated with certain diseases.

By adding stairs to your walk you are adding a bit of difficulty to the exercise that will also relieve your fitness and general health condition.

It is recommended that you incorporate some of these elements as your physical capacities allow, so that they do not generate unnecessary mishaps. Remember that the goal is to improve your physical condition, and that this happens with discipline and perseverance..

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