7 great reasons to buy at Claro Shop during El Buen Fin

According to the latest analysis by the market research agency, Kantar, 9 out of 10 Mexicans plan to buy a product in the 2020 edition of El Buen Fin. Of these, 4 out of 10 Mexicans will buy a product through a channel digital and in the offer is Claro Shop.

This 2020, 68 percent plan to acquire some computer or electronic item, being the category that stands out from the rest. This is followed by clothing and footwear, which for the first time is not in the first place among the priorities, with 61 percent, but which can likewise be covered through the Claro Shop offer.

The store has its own App, (available at Android and iOS) that can be downloaded to your cell phone for greater convenience, where you can make purchases safely, monitoring the status of your order and rating the products you have already purchased. Easy, fast and safe!

Claro Shop is a 100 percent Mexican store, with more than 500 thousand original products and this Good End they are launching the “house through the window” with incredible offers, promotions and discounts in all its categories.

From home, hardware, computers, cell phones, appliances, electronics, screens, toys, sports and many more, consumers can be sure they will get the best service.

The impressive offers include:

It has banking promotions such as up to 24 MSI with participating cards, up to 36 months with Telmex Receipt, also free shipping on purchases over $ 499 MXN under certain regulations. Accepts all payment methods: Paypal, Telmex Receipt, Visa, MasterCard, OXXO, 7-Eleven, Sears Departmental, Sanborns Departmental, Amex and even bank transfer.

Seven reasons why you should buy at Claro Shop

Incredible offers and discounts. In no other platform can you find the variety that is in Claro Shop.
More than 500 thousand original products. Articles of all kinds can be found at the click of a button.
100% secure shopping. Its operation is impeccable and the consumer can be sure that they will get the best experience, and in certain home products from the SEARS store in Claro Shop they include free installation.
They accept all payment methods (Up to 24 MSI with participating TDCs). The options are unlimited.
Payment with Telmex Receipt (Up to 36 months). The client can even go to the option of paying from the comfort of their telephone bill, without a credit bureau and your first payment is made until the following month. As they say, “buy now and pay later.”
Free Shipping over $ 499 MXN. The standards are accessible and in favor of contributing to the consumer’s economy in the midst of confinement.
More than 10,000 renowned brands. Companies from all segments shine, greatly multiplying consumer options through the platform, positioning Claro Shop as the best option.

Claro Shop

Claro Shop has its own App that you can download to your cell phone for greater convenience (available at Android and iOS). Make your purchases safely, monitor the status of your order and rate the products you have already purchased. That is how easy, fast and safe it is to buy at! Its app is free and has more than 10,000 prestigious brands such as Levi’s, Lego, Xbox, Vans, Guess, Gucci, Adidas, Nike, Nintendo, Clinique, Armani, Dior, CK, Hugos Boss, Apple, Lenovo, Lacoste, Xiaomi , among many others.

Sell ​​online

Besides buying, you can sell to millions of potential customers creating your own store within Claro Shop with special shipping rates, free publication, fullfilment (we store the products in our warehouses and we deliver them expressly), you can sell with a charge to Telmex Receipt and all forms of payment; you will also have personalized attention from the sales team.

Claro Shop