7 casual looks you’ll love from Eiza González

Ideas to give your wardrobe a new look, inspired by Eiza González.

Last week the actress Eiza González wore several looks for different occasions: some of them for a formal dinner, others more informal for brunch, but also some for sports.

The looks that you will see below have been used by Eiza on different occasions during the month of November 2020, in Los Angeles, California.

We leave you 7 ideas to give your wardrobe a new look.

Look # 1 was wore by Eiza just over the weekend. When she was seen in LA, she was probably after playing sports, because she usually works out in the morning and here she had wet hair.

Eiza comfortably wears white joggins, Adidas originals sneakers and a denim jacket.

Look # 2 was worn by Eiza last week as she left a coffee shop in Los Angeles. Here she wears khaki joggins and a short white cotton sweater.

Eiza when leaving a cafeteria wearing joggins, a garment that is never missing in her outfits.

Look # 3 is Eiza in her Sport version, with a light jacket, windbreaker, some red leggings, ready to exercise.

He also wore black glasses when leaving his residence.

In # 4 of her looks we see Eiza elegantly wearing a short dress in pink tones, with a light black striped raincoat.

In her left hand she holds a bag from the Christian Dior house.

Look # 5 was worn by Eiza a week ago leaving a bar with her new conquest, Dusty, a model who has campaigned for Ralph Lauren and who was once a firefighter.

She wore a black top, black jacket and raised jeans.

In number 6 we have Eiza in her sporty version, getting out of her truck while wearing a blue pans, a white top and a white cap.

Ideal for a Saturday morning.

Finally, in look # 7 we have Eiza with a tight blue pans and an orange and white windbreaker jacket.

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