61% of Apple customers want to buy them

After endless buzz, AirTags were officially announced at Apple’s latest Spring Loaded event. These smart accessories fulfill a very simple but essential for day to day: track objects from iPhone. And public interest in this product appears to be quite high, according to a recent survey.

According to a survey conducted by the SellCell company with more than 3,000 customers, 61% of Apple users plan to buy AirTags. This means that, on average, just over 6 out of 10 people who buy apple products claim to own them.

The same survey indicates that the 54% of those consulted believe that the price of AirTags is good. In contrast, 14% think it is high and should be sold cheaper, while 32% rate it as “reasonable.”


The inquiries made by SellCell among users of Apple products have yielded other interesting data as well. According to the responses submitted, the main object to track with AirTags are keys (42.4%). After all, it is the most logical option. Who hasn’t wasted valuable time out of their day trying to find house or car keys?

What is striking about the survey is that many potential users have recognized a hypothetical misuse of AirTags. While Apple clearly explained that they are not designed to track animals or peopleIt is clear that there are people who ignore the recommendation. 34.8% of those surveyed said they would use smart accessories to track their pets, while 6.9% would use them to find out where their partner is.

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Users also gave their opinion on new and upcoming products

The SellCell survey was not limited to interest in AirTags. The company also inquired about user tastes and preferences for the future. Regarding the new range of iMac colors, the participants’ favorite was blue (33.4%), followed by silver (30.1%).

On the other hand, respondents were asked what features they would like to see on the iPhone 13. The most chosen was the return of Touch ID (21%), followed in popularity by a 120Hz refresh rate display at 17%.

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