If you are one of those who does not care about the state of the tires of your car, be careful, you could even end up in a spectacular accident, to avoid it you must follow these recommended tips

Keep your tires in good condition is not an impossible task, however there are several factors that promote premature wear of car tires. Mechanical, environmental factors or simply the carelessness of the driver, can make you not take full advantage of the useful life of your tires.

According to the Diaiomotor portal, there are 6 rules that you must take into account at all times to keep your car tires in good condition, if they are not taken into account, the damage could be very serious and strongly affect the economy of your pocket.

1. Monitor your tire pressure constantly

One tip to maintain adequate tire pressure is to check the pressure level every two weeks.

Remember that without a car the tires are low, it will consume up to 20% more fuel, in addition to producing irregular tire wear because the ends of each one will deform faster.

On the contrary, if you put extra air in your tires and exceed their pressure, they will be spent more in the central area of ​​the tread, causing you to have to replace them without having taken full advantage of them.

All cars indicate the necessary pressure of their wheels in the doorway or at the rear of the fuel tank cap

2. Avoid climbing curbs or brushing them when parking

Prevent your car tires from hitting the sidewalks or pinching when turning them when you are parking, as you could damage the sides, the tread and the tire. A torn or knocked-out tire can generate lumps, in addition to having its structural integrity compromised and you should replace your tire as soon as possible.

3. Don’t drive aggressively

Accelerating, braking hard, and cornering for the limit of your grip puts a lot of stress on your tires and makes them wear out much faster. If your car is powerful or has high torque – a compact diesel, without going any further – the tires will be more prone to premature wear.

4. Avoid speeding in potholes

Going through potholes quickly will shorten the life of the tires, as they could also develop a bun and damage the car’s alignment. Incorrect alignment will lead to uneven tire wear and therefore you will have to change the wheel.

5. Don’t ignore vibrations and irregular wear

An irregular vibration in your car means there is a big problem, ignoring it could lead to something worse. If you notice that your direction begins to vibrate at a certain speed, possibly the balance of one of the tires has been damaged, or even the alignment has been altered.

6. Rotate your car tires

It is recommended that every 10,000 km or 15,000 km rotate the tires. This rotation will ensure regular tire wear. You’ll prevent one drive shaft from being noticeably more worn than another.


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