6 tips to get into it and not break in the attempt

The theme of Bitcoin is in all our social networks and it is not for less: the cryptocurrency Most recognized, it is currently priced at more than 50 thousand dollars (exceeding one million Mexican pesos). The truth is that we have been looking at digital currencies for weeks.

And of course … those of us who are not measured in the world of cryptocurrenciesWell, what do you want to enter, right?


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With those doubts in mind – and with a FOMO that seems like two, why do we say no – in #SopitasXAireLibre we talk with Abraham Cobos, crypto catalyst on the renowned platform Bitso to explain a little more about the adventures of invest in Bitcoin.

And taking advantage of the talk, he shared these with us 6 tips super useful for take a dive into cryptocurrencies without dying trying and losing all your wool.

It is a volatile investment

An interesting point that he shared with us Abraham Cobos the thing is investing in cryptocurrencies is a very volatile business. The Bitcoin are traded in more than a million pesos… But to get to this point years of quite sudden ups and downs went by.


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Right now it seems smooth sailing, but these insane quotes may not hold up forever.

It is risky (medium term)

In addition, they explained to us that investing in bitcoin it is risky in the medium term. Due to the same cryptocurrency volatility, you may put a thousand pesos in it — or whatever amount — and the next time you check, it will have been cut in half.

Of course, according to what has been seen in recent years, the upward trend has been maintained.

Only invest in Bitcoin what you are willing to lose

That is a useful rule for all financial investments, mind Abraham Cobos. Be aware that it is a new technology and therefore, risky and volatile. If you can only lose 500 pesos, then just put 500 pesos in it.


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“The interesting thing is that those 500 pesos can become a lot in a few years,” says the crypto catalyst of Bitso.

Do not go into debt to invest

“Don’t ask for a loan, don’t use credit, don’t mortgage your house. Do not do any of that because it is taking more risk. There is nothing more valuable than sleeping peacefully “, explains the specialist in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The fear of missing out on this boom in digital investments can lead us to take an excessively risky decision.

Enter in a place that you trust

This is extremely important: with the arrival of Bitcoin to more and more places of mainstream culture, some scams or past spear people also arrive. Avoid places that look like pyramid schemes and of course, remember that Bitcoin It is completely digital… nothing that you buy them and then they arrive in parcel (there are several funny stories).

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Look for places that are regulated, that present security, that have investors with a face or that answer your questions. In Mexico, Bitso It is one of these platforms – even certified – in case you want to keep an eye on it.

Research (a lot) about Bitcoin

The bottom line is that they are not enchiladas. Right now what Bitcoin It is so popular, take advantage of all the content it generates to understand it in depth, you will see that it is not only a financial opportunity … it is complemented by many edges of human knowledge.

A moment to learn about blockchain, assets, other cryptocurrencies and all possible futures.

While you find out more, you can get a muddy first on the conversation we had with Abraham Cobos in #SopitasXAireLibre. He explained how it works, shared some basic rules and of course … answered our amateur questions. Listen to it below: