6 tips from Ana Cheri for perfect photos on the beach!

6 Tips from Ana Cheri for perfect photos on the beach! (Instagram)

6 tips from Ana Cheri for perfect photos on the beach! | Instagram

The beautiful model American-born Ana Cheri shared a video on her Instagram channel where she gives 6 tips to her followers so that they can obtain the perfect photographs in a session from the beach.

Ana Cheri has a channel Youtube where he shares some video in which he appears exercising, gives makeup tips, tries on some clothing from recognized brands and even as in this one, he gives tips so you can take some very good pictures from the beach so you can look all your splendor.

The video was shared on February 2018 and it is close to reaching 200 thousand reproductions, its channel has more than 89 thousand people subscribed, although it has only 128 comments, many of them affirm that Ana Cheri is one of the most dedicated youtuber and that despite being a model and recognized celebrity, she takes time for her admirers.

Learn my tips and secrets to get these great beach photos the way I do, “wrote Ana




The first advice that the model and businesswoman Ana Cheri gives us is that the outfit you choose for the photo shoot should make you feel as comfortable as possible.


Practice poses

Once you have chosen the perfect outfit for your session on the beach, you should practice the poses, before going to the location, practice a little at home in front of the mirror so that you have an idea of ​​the result you want with the photos.


Shiny lotion

Another tip that the beautiful fitness coach gives us is to use shiny lotion, this ensures that your skin looks much prettier in the photos, you can also hide certain skin imperfections, perhaps such as stretch marks and cellulite.



It is more than evident that an important point for your session is that you have a good photographer, it is useless to look perfect if the person taking the images knows how to do it.


Extra help

In addition to having a good photographer, you must bear in mind that it is a job that is not only for one person, if you want a slightly more professional job you must have extra help, an assistant to help with certain tasks.

You do not feel sorry for wanting to be shown the photos so the more you do it and see the result you will have an idea of ​​how to improve their poses.


When to take photos

For the shots on the beach it is better to take the photos before the sun rises or when it is setting, this due to the effect of the lights that will favor you.