6 series of astronomy, science and history that you cannot miss on Disney +

Prepare a marathon with the best of National Geographic on Disney + with these series that include mysteries of the Universe, visions of the future and documentaries of moments that changed the history of the world.

In addition to Star Wars, Pixar and Marvel, the arrival of Disney + to Latin America brings with it series, documentaries and exclusive National Geographic programs focused on topics such as the Universe or mysteries of history.

If you don’t know where to start enjoying the Nat Geo content available on Disney +, take note of the series that you can’t miss:

Cosmos: Possible Worlds

The third installment of Cosmos is an adaptation of the homonymous book by Ann Druyan, Sagan’s wife with whom he wrote the first season of Cosmos (1980).

With the style that characterized the couple to bring science closer to the general public, Possible Worlds delivers thirteen chapters that combine the history of astronomy with the challenges that men and women scientists had to face, the developments of ancient civilizations and the evolution of the living beings, all from a perspective that focuses on the future of humanity.

Diana: first person

Based on a series of secret interviews, this documentary relives some of the most critical moments of Lady Di’s life during 1991, a year before her unofficial separation from Carlos, as the exhausting relationship with the British Crown grew and the harassment constant of the press reached unimaginable extremes.

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Geniuses: Stephen Hawking

Nat Geo’s series starring Hawking A Couple of Years Before He Died explores the deepest philosophical questions from the peculiar point of view of the most famous scientist and popularizer of the 21st century.

Through curiosity, intuition and the scientific method, Hawking challenges different people about their beliefs regarding the search for extraterrestrial life, the possibilities of time travel, the origin of life and our place in the Universe.

One Strange Rock

What is special about our planet among billions to support life and function as an interrelated whole?

Led by Will Smith, this 10-part series addresses the natural history and conditions of our planet from a special point of view: that of eight astronauts whose perspective of Earth, humanity, social conflicts and the delicate ecological balance it changed radically once they were in space.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

The sequel to Carl Sagan’s original series that captivated millions of people and sparked unusual interest in science, is a journey through time and space: from the creation of the Big Bang to the future of humanity once the Sun turns the Earth into an inert world of lava, Neil Degrasse Tyson conducts thirteen chapters capable of awakening the curiosity of anyone.

Apollo: Missions to the Moon

What went wrong in the missions that failed to land? What was NASA’s role in the Cold War? Why haven’t we returned to the Moon?

Featuring previously unreleased material and interviews with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, this series explores the twelve years of Apollo, the most ambitious program ever developed by a space agency, and the challenges of the race to get the first person to the Moon.

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