The direct competition of UFC, Bellator MMA, has returned to try to overshadow the Fight IslandThis time, they plan to do so by implementing various measures on how to carry out their events during the current coronavirus pandemic, without falling behind.

The developer returns today, Friday, July 24, to Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, with the Bellator 242, its first event since March 13, when it stopped operations hours before Bellator 241. The undercard is starring an elimination bout for a shot at the bantamweight title, among the contenders. Ricky Bandejas and Sergio Pettis.

In order for the fighters to get into the Bellator round cage, they must go through the protocols established by the promoter, which include swabs, exams, quarantines and social distancing. Let’s see the 6 pillars that make up the anti protocol Covid-19 in Bellator’s bubble.

oneReview, testing and distancing in the week of the fight

Press staff being reviewed (taking temperature) by Bellator staff. (Photo: MMA Junkie)

Both production, logistics and fighter personnel are transported by the company to the bubble located in Hartford To Uncasville. Fighters are allowed to bring a “cornerback” (Cornerman), but if there are more than one, they must take separate vehicles. Fighters are awarded medical tests, food stamps, and travel facilities up to 3 cornerbacks (unlike the UFC which is only one). Family and friends are not accepted, without exception; Corner change at the last minute is also not allowed.

Upon arrival at the hotel, the Mohegan Sun Casino, people register with Bellator and are taken to their rooms. While there, they enter a quarantine process where only medical personnel enter to perform swab tests (Yes, those that are inserted into your throat). They remain there until the results come out (two rooms per team), if the result is negative, the fighters are allowed to leave. (The test result time is about 5 hours)

In addition, mandatory daily temperature checks are performed from 7 am to 9 am This is mandatory for all event staff.

Bellator staff and fighters cannot use the facilities not designated for use (Like the casino and restaurants), and if this measure is violated, that person (fighter or staff) is removed from the event this Saturday.

Before weighing, one more test is performed to discard and contact between both fighters is prohibited (red and blue corner). Only fighters can step on the scale.