6 apps to learn about economics

If you love the economy or want to have a little more financial culture, you cannot miss these apps on your smartphone.

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Carlos Rubio Mazas

Last updated on 11/28/2020 at

In addition to technology and mobile phones, here at we also have other hobbies such as the economy or financial news.

Because we believe that having a minimum knowledge of economics is something necessary for everyone, today we bring you a few essential applications for anyone who either wants to have some financial literacy or, on the other hand, wants to become a true wolf of Wall Street.

The best economics apps on Android

We don’t promise you will get rich, but some financial literacy you will learn

Economics dictionaryEconomist World in FiguresExpansion – IBEX and EconomyThe EconomistFinance: Stocks, Stocks, Portfolio and NewsThe Economist

Economics dictionary

Before you become a stock market expert like Leonardo DiCaprio in the Wolf of Wall Street, it is essential to know the basic terms used in economics.

Dictionary of economics is as its name indicates, a dictionary of the most used terms in this matter. A very accessible app that allows us to consult any unknown concept in just a few seconds.

Expansion – IBEX and Economy

Expansión is not only one of the leading economic newspapers in Spain, It is also quite popular outside of our borders..

Economy, financial news, politics in addition to having information about market values ​​and the stock market in real time. A must-have app for both novices and experts and that cannot be missing from any smartphone.

Economist World in Figures

If you are one of those who master the subject, surely this app will be quite useful.

Economist World in Figures is a complete tool for economists that compares indicators of all kinds from different countries in the world. An impressive source of data for those who want to know the situation of the different markets in any corner of the planet.

The Economist

With millions of readers every day, The Economist is the world’s most popular economics newspaper. News, current affairs, opinion and market values ​​updated at the moment.

Unfortunately the app is only free for the first seven days, but if you want to be up to date in the world of economics, you will not find a better ally than The Economist.

Finance: Stocks, Stocks, Portfolio and News

Finance: Stock Market, Stocks, Portfolio and News is one of the best Android apps to be up to date in terms of economics

One of the most complete economy apps that we can download to our smartphone. Real-time data for more than 100,000 instruments from more than 70 markets around the world, economic calendar, personalized portfolio with our favorite financial instruments, alerts, news, analysis and much more.

A completely free app that can not be missing on the phone of any good economist.

The Economist

And we end with another of the most important economic media in our country. Current economic news, comments and advice, currency and interest rate quotes and much more.

Essential free application to follow the national and international news of the economy in addition to allowing us to rigorously monitor the situation of the world’s most important financial markets.