A large part of the cars have modifications made by the owners, either to improve the performance of the car or to the liking of each person. There are many ways to modify a car these days and many accessories that can be added to it.

Aftermarket modifications can be a benefit to the car and add value to it, but it may be the opposite, it may not serve any purpose and depreciate the value of the vehicle.

Best of all, if modifications are to be made, they should be with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) accessories.

Here we have put together six accessories that your sports car does not need and are an unnecessary expense.

Scissor doors

Few cars in the world offer unconventional car doors. In this case it generally requires modifications to the front bumper and door panels. Modifications that damage parts of your car.

Noisy exhaust

Some exhaust sounds are lovely to hear. Like the hissing of a turbo engine or the grunting of a Porsche engine.

But when a silent exhaust system is altered to make a noise it’s not supposed to, it sounds bad and it’s very expensive to repair.

False side vents

Fake side vents are more than just an aftermarket problem, these decal additions don’t do any good, add weight, and undermine your performance credibility.

Fake race marks

Some people go into creating fake and obviously cheaper auto parts. It is not safe and the performance is not as expected.

Squash them

Lowering your car can change the profile for the better. There is nothing wrong with lowering a car, but lowering it so much that you cannot get out of a parking lot, go through a sidewalk, or go over a pothole without the car hitting or scraping, that will surely have consequences.

Soft toys on the board

A trend that will not go away and should be mentioned in this list is stuffed animals on the dashboard of the car. The reality is that they can impair visibility when driving.


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