At least three 5G cell antennas have been burned in the United Kingdom after some conspiracy theories claim they are the cause of the coronavirus according to the BBC.

One of the theories assures that the coronavirus originated in Wuhan where 5G networks were supposedly being implemented and that it is spreading in other cities where the necessary infrastructure is also being installed.

Conspiracy theories, caused to create alarm and without any scientific explanation, forget to mention that it is normal for the coronavirus to spread in large cities where there are a larger number of people and where it is also usually the first places where new technologies are installed. .

Nor do they explain why the coronavirus is present in dozens of countries where the implementation of 5G networks has not yet begun.

These theories are becoming increasingly popular on social media, especially Facebook Y Nextdoor. A large percentage of the population quarantined for weeks, staying at home together with the mood that this causes, usually creates a perfect storm for the viralization of false news, urban legends and hoaxes.

The Director of the UK National Health Service He recalled, during a press conference, that 5G infrastructure is critical for the early response to the coronavirus crisis and for the general population that has to be kept at home.

Days ago, some operators complained, including on social networks, that the workers responsible for maintaining the mobile network infrastructure were being harassed by people from their balconies.

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